8 Times IZ*ONE’s Minju Slayed Simple Yet Classy Outfits

She knows how to dress up comfortably in style!

Fashion is a must when you’re an idol because all eyes are on you. IZ*ONE‘s Minju showed us just how it’s supposed to be done as she slayed multiple outfits!

Here are 8 times Minju showed us how to put on an outfit.

1. Stylish in a leather jacket!

Minju showed us how to sport a leather jacket and still look amazing!

2. Simplicity is key!

Minju showed us that wearing a simple outfit doesn’t make you any less stylish!

3. Warm & stylish!

She knows how to keep it in style even when its cold!

4. Plain and simple!

A simple dress and a leather jacket is all it takes for you to look even better!

5. Mix and Match!

Minju shows her style in a graphic tee and pairing it with a plaid skirt!

6. Angelic in white!

Minju looks fabulous in her simple white top and denim shorts ensemble!

7. Stripes is the way to go!

A classy stripes-printed top is the way to go for a simple yet clean look!

8. Keep it natural!

Minju looks comfortable and beautiful in a plain black dress-tee with her hair in a pony tail, giving off a “just-woke-up” vibe, yet still managing to look stylish as ever!