8 Times That Prove BTS’s J-Hope Is A Super Clean Freak

He has a very clean personality.

BTS‘s J-Hope has shown many times through shows and interviews that he enjoys having everything in an organized manner. He also likes to make plans and goals and aim towards reaching them.

“In my case I could be seen as a plan-man. I like to plan and organize my goals and work to achieve them.”

His personality can be seen in the two clips below.

“I like to make the best use of space when I use a pouch. I like to have all my items placed perfectly in the bag. I get a sort of thrill from it.”

“Aigoo no one cleans up after they eat.”

His neat and clean personality can also be seen in daily life. His bed is always organized and clean.

He doesn’t want to drop food while eating so he eats by the sink.

His shoes are always lined up perfectly.

You can see his perfectly lined up white shoes in comparison to the others.

When asked what his favorite scent was, he reveals that he is very sensitive to smells.

“I am very sensitive to smells so it’s a must for me to wear perfume. I use a sweet smelling lotion before I sleep and I always use a diffuser in my room. I bought Kona coffee from Hawaii and I use that to get rid of odor.”

It could be due to his organized and neat nature that his choreography is always on point!