8 Times SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Was Clumsy But Still Managed To Look Cute

Everything he does is cute!

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is known to have a lot of clumsy moments, but also as someone who is good with fixing what he has broken, and as someone who has good hands.

Despite being clumsy, Carats still find it cute whenever Mingyu’s clumsiness finds him. Despite being used to Mingyu dropping something, Carats always finds his reactions cute whenever he does!

The reactions of his fellow members is also something that shouldn’t be missed because it always makes Carats laugh! They’re either unbotherd because they’re used to Mingyu dropping things already, or nag him for dropping items. There’s no in-between!

1. When he dropped the paper bag he was holding at KCON LA

2. When he dropped the Newrat Bong when they introduced it to Carats for the first time

3. When he dropped the phone not once, not twice, but three times!

4. When he dropped the phone while on broadcast again…

5. And again…

6. When Mingyu dropped the Global VLIVE Award, but his members comforted him so he wouldn’t feel bad

7. When he dropped the microphone while performing

8. When he almost dropped his food while having a mukbang