8 Times Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Waist Looked Almost Too Snatched To Be Real

#4 is a personal favorite.

Stray Kids‘s Bang Chan is known not only for his talent but his stunning visuals as well. The artist has no problem showing off his hard-earned body, and fans have enjoyed seeing his physique, especially his tiny waist.

Here are 8 times Bang Chan’s waist looked almost too snatched to be real.

1. This police officer’s outfit was a hit when he first wore it.

It emphasized so many parts of his body!

2. This look shows his duality.

Soft and tough at the same time.

3. Never Beating The BBL Allegations

It’s easy to understand how he had BBL allegations in the first place.

4. For us to look at!

He looks unreal!

5. He kept STAYs fed during the world tour.

6. That string is putting in hard work.

We thank you for your service.

7. One Word

Waist Chain.

8. The front view is wild…

…but the side view is just as crazy!


Stray Kids

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