Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Addresses His BBL Rumor

He was so confused! 😂

Stray KidsBang Chan has been the subject of some “rumors” recently…

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | JYP Entertainment

Recently, rumors circulated that Bang Chan received a BBL (Brazilian butt lift). This is a procedure done to reshape the buttocks using implants. Instead, it is a specialized fat transfer.

STAYs were shook by the rumor, but it quickly circulated on social media due to the bazaar nature of it.

Surprisingly, Bang Chan has now addressed the rumors in the latest episode of Chan’s Room.

Bang Chan read a STAY comment, mentioning the “BBL rumor.” He misunderstood and read it as, “There’s a Bubble rumor?”

There’s a rumor? What rumor?

— Bang Chan


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Stray Kids use the bubble for JYPnation app to communicate with STAYs. Bubble is often shortened to “bbl” when talking about it on social media.

STAYs corrected Bang Chan, explaining that it was unrelated to the bubble app. So, he asked what they meant.

It’s not about Bubble. Then what’s it about? You gotta tell me, so I know. What’s a BBL?

— Bang Chan

| Stray Kids/YouTube

When Bang Chan wasn’t getting the answers, he decided to do his own research. He went to look it up on Urban Dictionary, but he was even more confused after seeing the many definitions.

I’m guessing Urban Dictionary. There’s so many… Definitions. What’s it mean?

— Bang Chan

Stray Kids/YouTube

By the way, this is what he saw if he searched “bbl” on Urban Dictionary…

Urban Dictionary 
Urban Dictionary 

While he was reading, some reassured Bang Chan and encouraged him not to worry about the rumors. So, he soon left it at that.

Don’t worry about it. It’s nonsense. Guess I won’t worry about it then.

— Bang Chan

Stray Kids/YouTube

STAYs were even more amused by Bang Chan’s reaction to the rumor than the rumor itself!

Watch the clip below.

Stray Kids

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