8 Times TREASURE Were BLACKPINK’s Biggest Fanboys

Junghwan has BLACKPINK goods.

Fans are aware that the members of YG Entertainment‘s newly-debuted boy group, TREASURE, are big fans of BLACKPINK! They’re not shy to express their love for the girls who also look out for them in return.

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Check out some of their biggest fanboy moments below!

1. When they were starstruck upon learning BLACKPINK judged their videos

BLACKPINK once made an appearance in YG Treasure Box, the show that chose the members of TREASURE. When the contestants learned the girls judged their videos in the skills and talents portion, they were absolutely starstruck.

Hyunsuk: I made myself known to BLACKPINK. I’m mighty pleased.

Jihoon: It feels great.

Doyoung: Wow!

2. When they covered “Really” and “Stay”

For one of the biggest challenges in YG Treasure Box, TREASURE’s main vocalist Bang Yedam alongside fellow contestant Keita covered BLACKPINK’s “Really”. Another duo, TREASURE’s other main vocalist Jeongwoo and contestant Yeongue, sang “Stay”. Their sweet voices were a hit with the crowd!

3. When they all wanted BLACKPINK’s merch

The contestants of YG Treasure Box celebrated Christmas together in between shoots. All of them had raffle numbers that would give them the chance to win a bundle of BLACKPINK goods. Mashiho was the last one who was chosen to take home a batch of merch to the jealous cries of the other trainees!

4. …really badly

The top prize that beat the bundle of merch was none other than BLACKPINK’s signed CD. The shouts from the contestant’s room must have reached the top floor with how loudly they wanted it. TREASURE’s leader Jihoon was absolutely devastated when he missed out on the prize by one number, “Ah! I’m number 21!”

To his immense luck Bang Yedam ended up winning the signed CD with a Jennie photocard!

5. When Junghwan owned his own goods

Though Junghwan wasn’t able to take home the signed album, he has his own BLACKPINK goods in the dorm anyway. As seen in an episode of 3-Minute TREASURE, he has a copy of BLACKPINK’s 2019 Welcoming Collection by his desk.

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6. When they danced to BLACKPINK’s songs during practice

When they had a CCTV dance live practice, YG TREASURE BOX’s Treasure J group (including TREASURE members Haruto, Asahi, Yoshi, and Mashiho) couldn’t help but jam to “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and “SOLO”.

7. When Haruto knew “As If It’s Your Last” with a single move

TREASURE played a game in Episode 18 of TREASURE MAP where they guessed the song title after looking at a single move. When Jihoon was given the song “As If It’s Your Last”, he immediately knew the choreography that Haruto would be able to guess.

I’ll show you exactly what to do. Copy me! Haruto will know.

— Jihoon

True enough, Haruto knew Lisa‘s opening hip dance right away.

8. When they covered “WHISTLE”

Finally, TREASURE released their own cover of “WHISTLE” before their debut. Some members sang while others played instruments—even strange ones like a xylophone, shaker, and mouse click.

When it comes to BLACKPINK, TREASURE is one of their biggest fans!