8 Touching Moments When BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Protective Side Came Out While Taking Care Of Jennie

#4 is adorable: Jennie and another member were both wearing short outfits, but Lisa chose to protect Jennie instead.

It’s definitely interesting to see the relationship dynamics between BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Jennie.

Both are extremely famous celebrities, but they don’t let their fame get in the way of their right to express their emotions in public. They’re both proud to laugh out loud when they’re happy…

…and they’re also not afraid of letting their tears fall when they’re emotional.

And even though the duo sometimes take turns in taking care of each other in their times of need…

…there will always be times when Lisa’s protective side comes out and she’s couldn’t help but take care of “YG’s Princess” whenever she’s uncomfortable or unwell.

Here are eight of the most touching moments when Lisa took care of Jennie — which one’s your favorite moment so far?

1. Covering her ears to protect her from loud noises

2. Using her body as a shield to cover Jennie at the airport

3. Helping her remove something from her face

4. Using her arms as cover for Jennie’s short dress

And Lisa did this more than once to protect Jennie’s modesty, too.

5. Helping Jennie go down the stairs by holding her hand

6. Holding her arms and soothing it to help her keep calm in stressful situations

Jennie always feels calm when she’s with Lisa, so she considers her as her “safe place”.

7. Letting Jennie know she’s there for her when Jennie gets emotional

8. Fixing her hair during interviews

It’s no wonder BLACKPINK members are close with each other: they were each other’s support systems back when they had a rough time training, after all. Check out the next article below to find out what really happened:

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