8 Underrated Girl Group Songs That Deserved To Win #1 On Music Shows, According to Koreans

Who else should be on the list?

The K-Pop industry is full of ups and downs. Even if a group works hard, their efforts do not automatically result in success. One big goal that most groups have when they debut is the elusive “#1 on music shows”.

According to netizens, the following girl groups deserved to win first place with their songs. Check them out below!

1. Lovelyz – “Ah Choo”

Considered Lovelyz’s representative song, “Ah Choo” was an instant hit that never got them the win they deserved.

2. Brave Girls – “Rollin'”

This 2017 song was Brave Girls’ first release as a five-member group. Despite the member change, their standing in music charts did not change.

3. April – “April Story”

“April Story” was Chaekyung‘s and Rachel‘s first song with April. Even if Chaekyung made it to the finals of Produce 101, “April Story” failed to reach first place on music programs.

4. LABOUM – “Fresh Adventure”

“Fresh Adventure” was LABOUM‘s fourth single album and the girls showed another fresh side of themselves, although it was sadly not enough to give them first place.

5. Oh My Girl – “Closer”

Oh My Girl is one of the only groups on this list who already won first place on music programs, but “Closer” was just as deserving as “Secret Garden”.

6. Cosmic Girls – “Secret”

The first song with Yeonjung post-I.O.I, “Secret” peaked at #6 on the Gaon Music Chart but did not get a music show win.

7. DIA – “On the Road”

DIA won first place with their track “WooWoo” in 2018. With the refreshing feel of “On The Road”, however, it also had the makings of a hit song.

8. SONAMOO – “I Like U Too Much”

Finally, SONAMOO‘s third mini album had the title track “I Like U Too Much” which showed off the member’s youthful auras. Like the others, it also did not receive a first win.