Here Are 8 Times BTS Were Relatable AF On Their Video Call During “Run BTS!”

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During episode 151 of Run BTS!, BTS finally got to start their staycation, which involved a lot of relaxing, food, and playing games! However, the members were meant to stay in their rooms and only communicate through video calls. Although this unsurprisingly didn’t last long, they still went through all the motions of a video call.

Here is a look at eight times BTS were relatable AF on their video call with each other.

1. Jin falling asleep as soon as they entered the call.

In the first episode at the hotel, fans quickly noticed that while all the members talked about the challenge, Jin managed to fall asleep while resting on the bed. There is no denying that many people have probably fallen asleep during calls without even realizing it.

2. V being restless and playing with the camera angles.

On the other hand, V couldn’t stop having some fun with the call. From moving around the room and changing the camera angles, he seemed more excited and intrigued about the idea than Jin. It would’ve been like that for a lot of people, especially when they first started using it.

3. Jin only appearing when he’s called.

After resting on the bed and having a small sleep, Jin finally made his way onto the call. However, after complaining that the others were talking too much, he only arrived after being called. With the tablet on the table, he reluctantly showed his face after ignoring everything going on.

4. The members getting excited seeing Jungkook’s suite.

With the rising popularity of Zoom calls, house envy has suddenly become more common with people seeing their colleague’s houses for the first time. Jungkook was given the master suite after proving his perfect pitch, and there was no denying how jealous the members were of his massive room!

5. Jimin suddenly getting bored and performing tricks.

There is always that one meeting that doesn’t involve you, which means that you are sat doing nothing. It was the same for Jimin who had to wait until the end to order food and, after becoming bored, he suddenly decided to do something else. Although everyone might not randomly do tricks on a call, it was a way to stay busy.

6. V having fun with the filters and turning his room into a beach!

Filters are one of the most intriguing things on video calls. Within seconds, you can go from the comfort of your house to somewhere exotic. Despite being a world-class hotel, V took a quick trip to the beach and had the other members laughing with his impromptu dip in the ocean.

7. J-Hope having food envy seeing Jungkook eat his ramen.

If the members were jealous of Jungkook’s suite, they became even more jealous of seeing him eating. As the maknae ordered first, his food came very quickly, and J-Hope seemed particularly attracted to the delicious ramen on the call.

8 When Suga stopped caring about the mission and wasn’t afraid to let his members know.

During the episode, the members had to stay within their budget and also try and guess how much they had to spend through a series of clues. As RM and the other members tried to work it out, Suga was #relatable as he explained, “To be honest, I don’t really care.” Everyone has had that one task which they just don’t want to do, and at least Suga was honest about it.

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