BTS Found The Perfect Way To Enjoy Their Well-Earned Food, But Jin Had Other Ideas

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In episode 151 of Run BTS!, BTS found out that they would be going on a staycation in a hotel. They had free reign to buy food and things to do with a certain budget. However, the catch was that they would be in separate rooms and only communicate through video calls.

They first had to pick the rooms through several activities. During episode 150, fans saw Jungkook‘s perfect pitch and his “Gen Z” status, as well as RM‘s brains.

Yet, after finally picking their rooms, it was time to relax and do nothing. In particular, with a budget given to them, the members were quick to order a whole lot of food. When the food eventually arrived, the members took some time away from the video call to enjoy it.

When it came to most of the members, they all seemed to enjoy sitting down with their food and watching some videos or films on their tablet or the television, in Jungkook’s case.

In particular, J-Hope seemed to have a really relatable time eating dinner as he sat down and ate while watching an old episode of Run BTS!

While the members seemed to be enjoying their food, someone seemed to be missing out of view from the camera: oldest member Jin! As his younger members were tucking into their food, Jin was using the game he had bought with some of the money.

Yet, it didn’t stop Jin from eating his food… he just had a very different way of enjoying his meal compared to the others. In between games, Jin would grab some food and kill two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately, with so much motivation to continue his game, it seems as if Jin forgot all about his food!

In the end, all the members came back together to play some games. However, it seems as if Jin took it more seriously than ARMYs might have expected and was so into it that he even forgot about his food!

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