9 Amazing K-Pop Groups Who Got Their First Music Show Win In 2019 So Far

We’re only halfway through the year and 2019 has already proven to be the year of recognizing talent

The first music show win is always an emotional moment for K-Pop groups as it is a reaffirmation of the success that a group has achieved with the latest comeback.

Sadly, some incredibly talented groups have never had a music show win yet. But despite being halfway through 2019, many groups have already garnered their first win.

1. ASTRO – January 29, 2019

ASTRO got their first music show win since their debut in 2016 with “All Night”, their first comeback of this year.

Both Jinjin and Eunwoo couldn’t hold back their tears during their speeches.

2. CLC – February 12, 2019

CLC’s first win was long overdue, but after 4 years, their hard work finally paid off and they achieved their first music show win with “No”.

CLC is the K-Pop girl group with the longest time period between debut and first music show win. This win was made even more special with the fact that it occurred on “The Show”, of which Yeeun is a host.

3. ITZY – February 21, 2019

ITZY is not only the fastest girl group to win #1 on a music show, but they have also set the record for the most music show wins for a debut song.

Since the release of “Dalla Dalla”, many fans highly anticipate ITZY’s next comeback, which will hopefully be very soon!

4. N.Flying – March 5, 2019

“Rooftop” was released in January, but unfortunately didn’t make it to the Top 1000 on Melon’s daily chart.

But thankfully, N.Flying’s talent was recognised and in a wonderful turn of events, the song began increasingly receiving attention and catapulted to No. 1 on Melon and Genie.

Despite having already ended promotions, N.Flying returned to perform “Rooftop” on music shows with the popularity it has been receiving and their hard work was paid off in one of the best music show wins of 2019!

5. TXT – March 12, 2019

TXT took their first music show win with “Crown” in only eight days since their debut.

These monster rookies were incredibly emotional that their hard work has paid off, and expressed their gratitude to their fans and staff.

6. Stray Kids – April 4, 2019

With their amazing comeback with “Miroh”, Stray Kids scored their first music show win since their debut last year.

4419 will always go down as an iconic date for STAYs, with “4419” already being a song on their predebut album “Mixtape” about the bus 4419 they took as trainees. What a coincidence!

7. The Boyz – May 7, 2019

The Boyz won their first music show trophy with “Bloom Bloom” since their debut. Unfortunately the members were unable to accept the trophy in person, but they were highly emotional when they heard of their first win.

They filmed a special video message for their fans, thanking them for their support and promising to continue making them proud.

8. AB6IX – June 4, 2019

AB6IX earned their first music show win with their debut single “Breathe”. These monster rookies achieved this only 2 weeks after their debut!

Consisting of two former members of WANNA ONE, plus two former contestants on the second season of Produce 101 and a former YG Entertainment trainee, fans have seen these idols work extremely hard for so many years. Hence, their success at debut has been gratifying and well-deserved.

9. ATEEZ – June 20, 2019

It’s been an insanely good year for ATEEZ who officially debuted in October 2018, but have just completed a sold out world tour!

Not only have they achieved much international success, but thanks to ATINYs they achieved their first music show win with “Wave” only a few days ago!

So many fans have been ecstatic with the recognition and attention that their idols have received after years of hard work.

With much of the year still left, hopefully there will be many more groups who achieve their first music show win!