9 BTS-Approved Video Games To Play During Your Vacation Or Quarantine

If you’re a bored ARMY-gamer, this list is for you.

Do you love BTS? Do you like games? Are you bored as heck in quarantine? This list is for you! Here are 9 video games BTS have played and recommended that will keep you entertained!


Obviously, the first game on this list has to be BTS’s official mobile game, BTS WORLD. In this game, players act as BTS’s managers in an alternate timeline where BTS is being formed in 2012.

2. Rhythm Hive

If BTS WORLD isn’t your thing, but you still want a BTS-themed game, try this one. Rhythm Hive is a rhythm game developed by Superb Inc. and distributed by HYBE in 2021. It features songs by BTS from 2 Cool 4 Skool, all the way up to their newest releases

3. Overwatch

SugaV, and Jungkook are all fans of this multiplayer first-person shooter game. Choose your character, join a team, and restore peace to a war-torn world without leaving home!

A word of warning. If you play this game, do not engage Jungkook in battle. You will be swiftly annihilated!

4. StarCraft

When asked to choose between StarCraft and League of Legends, RM and J-Hope chose the former. If you like military science fiction and intergalactic gameplay, you’ll love the whole StarCraft franchise.

5. The Lion King

Jin played this surprisingly challenging, classic kids’ game on his computer during his birthday broadcast.

It may not be the easiest game to find, but if Jin approves, it must be worth looking into!

6. MapleStory

If the MMORG MapleStory had a king, it would be Jin!

Jin loves this game so much that he used the gift money his aunt gave him to buy items in the game.

It’s safe in my account. I’m going to save it until I need it to buy things when I play Maple Story.

— Jin

Jin isn’t the only MapleStory fan in BTS though. V once left a company dinner early to battle a boss!

Apparently, they went to a beef restaurant in Majang-dong yesterday… (sniffle) All members + 9 staff members came at around 5-6 and left early, and the reason is apparently because Taehyung had to go and catch a Maple Story Boss Monster… I heard ‘c’ was there, too.

— V

7. League of Legends

Unlike RM and J-Hope, Jin prefers League of Legends to StarCraft. In this multiplayer online game, players are “champions” with unique abilities that must destroy the opposing team’s “Nexus”. What is a Nexus? Play to find out!

8. Super Mario Odyssey

In 2017, Jin gave Jimin a Nintendo Switch game system with Super Mario Odyssey. In this game, Mario must once again save Princess Peach from his nemesis Bowser, who just will not give up on trying to marry her. Points for dedication, maybe?

9. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer battle royale game that many BTS fans have heard of, thanks to V.

V often invites ARMY to play the mobile version of this game with him through Weverse.