Here Are 9 Celebrities Who Have Impressive Friend Groups Due To Their Outgoing Personalities

Can we be friends with all of them?

The term inssa, which translates to insider has been used frequently within the Korean community. The term is used for those who have extroverted tendencies and are popular due to their outgoing personalities. With that said, Dalgona created a list of 9 Korean celebrities who they believe are the top inssa‘s within the industry. Let’s take a look!

1. Actress Han Ji Min

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The first on this list is actress Han Ji Min. The actress has been in the industry for almost two decades, boasting a veteran status. Her easy going personality has been confirmed by numerous people, including other stars and her former staff. It was reported that Han Ji Min remembered her camera crew from 12 years ago, proving her kind-hearted and outgoing nature. Her friend group consists of other A-list stars, such as Han Hyo JooLee Ji Ah and Chae Jung Ah.

2. DinDin

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Next up we have rapper DinDin. The rapper is known for his impressive networking abilities, which compliments his outgoing personality. He has close friends all across the industry including singers, entertainers and more. His impressive list of close friends include TVXQ member Yunho, former Rainbow member Hyunyoung and actor Kim Seon Ho.

3. Yeri (Red Velvet)

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Red Velvet‘s Yeri makes it onto this list at number three. This should come as no surprise as her easy going personality is well-known within the K-Pop industry. She is known for her ability to get along with anyone, regardless of age or gender. The Red Velvet member boasts enormous group of close friends, such as TWICE‘s Nayeon, BLACKPINK’s JennieAKMU‘s SuhyunSuper Junior‘s Heechul, actress Kim Saeron and more!

4. Kwanghee

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Fourth up on this list is none other than Kwanghee. This idol is known for his extroverted personality, as he doesn’t feel shy or awkward around anyone! He is a true inssa due to his ability to fit in and feel comfortable regardless of who is around. His fun personality is exactly why he is so loved by netizens and is constantly receiving variety program offers. He once mentioned his impressive list of best friends on a past episode of Weekly Idol, which included TaeyangIm Siwan and Taecyeon.

5. Actress Son Ye Jin

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Actress Son Ye Jin has also made this list due to her super cool and relaxed personality. She is known within the entertainment industry to have the best networking skills, which resulted in her impressive list of celebrity friends. Her massive list of A-list friends include Gong Hyo JinKim Hye SooKim Min Jung and Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona.

6. Actor Lee Jong Suk

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Lee Jong Suk has found himself at number 6 on this list. The actor is famous within the industry as being the best guy friend that anyone can have. He’s known for his naturally sweet personality, which may be a large factor behind his ability to create such strong and meaningful friendships. Kim Woo BinJung Hae InLee Sung Kyung are just a few of the nation’s hottest actors who also happen to be close friends with Lee Jong Suk.

7. Hyeri

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Former Girls Day member Hyeri comes in seventh on this list. She is famous for her ability to create friendships with just about anyone, proving her easy going and fun personality. She recently made headlines when it was revealed that her best friend is none other than BLACKPINK member Rosé. The two took the nation by storm after they featured on Knowing Bros together and lovingly discussed their friendship in detail. She is also close friends with former T-ara member Jiyeon and SHINee‘s Key.

8. Kim Heechul (Super Junior)

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Would this list be complete without Kim Heechul from Super Junior? He is the first person people think of when they hear the term inssa! His outgoing personality is incredibly well-known within the nation, as he befriends just about anyone. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Hani, BoA, GFRIEND’s YerinSon DambiSong Ji Hyo, former SISTAR member BoraJYP, actor Song Seung Hun, rapper Simon Dominic and more are just some of the many, many celebrity friends he has.

9. Actress Park Shin Hye

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Last, but most certainly not least is actress Park Shin Hye. She is just one of the many stars who is also known for her impressive networking and socializing skills. It was previously reported that she doesn’t hold any prejudices before meeting someone, which may be the secret behind her many friendships. The actress is known to be close to Lee Hong Ki, Lee Sung Kyung, f(x) member Krystal, actor Jang Geun Suk, Kim Heechul and more.

You can scroll through Dalgona’s list on their Instagram page down below!

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