9 Funny Reactions To The “SM Intern” Accidentally Leaking SuperM’s “Tiger Inside” MV

Fans are having a lot of fun with the intern ๐Ÿ˜‚

SuperM recently made their comeback with the epic music video “100” and decided to give fans another video to celebrate their upcoming full-length album Super One. After dropping teasers for “Tiger Inside”, the music video for the track was slated for September 1. At least, that’s what was supposed to happen. The music video was leaked—by SM Entertainment themselves—before turning private. Fans claimed it was the work of the “SM Intern” and had the funniest reactions to the mishap. Here are nine of them to crack you up.

1. Release And Run

After the intern released the music video for a premature premiere, they were most likely running right out of there after their mistake.

2. Intern In Trouble

The intern freaking out over the chaos only to realize they were the ones to cause the chaos to begin with:

3. Taemin = Acceptable

There was one acceptable reason for the intern’s mishap. If they’d been taken by the beauty of Taemin‘s legs, all was forgiven.

4. Intern: Head Empty

If the intern was interviewed about the mistakingly releasing the music video, it just might look as hilarious as this:

5. Staff Surprise

If fans had been taken by surprise by the sudden release, SM Entertainment’s staff must’ve had even funnier reactions to the mishap.

6. Company Leak

Who’s doing it like SM Entertainment? While other artists have their content leaked by outside sources, they kept it an inside job and made it leak straight from them.

7. You Saw Nothing

To keep fans excited for the official release on September 1, the company will have to take a page out of Men In Black and wipe everyone’s memories.

8. Condolences

Thought and prayers are in order for the Intern who made the hilarious mishap and became such an iconic meme. In the end, though, everyone makes mistakes.

9. Turn Forward Time

While WayV‘s “Turn Back Time” music video had been released thirteen hours late, the intern decided to flip their formula and turn forward time by releasing “Tiger Inside” twelve hours early.