These 9 Girl Groups Have The Most Liked Music Videos On YouTube

These girl groups are doing what needs to be done.

BLACKPINK has been breaking YouTube records like they’re toothpicks recently. They’re the girl group with the most subscribers on the platform, the first girl group to get over 800 million views, among other YouTube accolades.

In addition to BLACKPINK, 8 other girl groups were able to snag spots on the list of Top 100 Most Liked K-Pop Music Videos on Youtube. Here are all 9 of the ladies who made the list, in order of highest charting music videos.


BLACKPINK leads the pack, taking the number 5 and 6 spots with “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and “Kill This Love” respectively. BLACKPINK occupies 7 places on the list – which is doubly impressive considering their relatively small discovery.


TWICE is next with “LIKEY” and “TT” at numbers 28 and 29. The TWICE girls have a whopping 11 entries on the list, the most of any other girl group on the list.


The next girl group on the list is MOMOLAND, coming in at the 33 spot with “BBOOM BBOOM”. “BBOOM BBOOM” was a movement and the list reflects that. The group’s followup single “BAAM” also made the list at number 75.

4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet‘s “Bad Boy” earned the 36th spot on the Top 100 list. “Bad Boy” was definitely a defining moment musically and visually for Red Velvet, which is evident as it’s their highest of 6 entries on the list.

5. Girls’ Generation

Red Velvet’s senior girl group and “The Nation’s Girl Group” Girls’ Generation is next on the list with 2018’s “Lil’ Touch” at number 45. They also have 4 other songs on the list, including the music video for their 2009 breakout single “Gee” (#87)


Monster Rookies ITZY prove that different is better with their debut “DALLA DALLA” coming in right under Girls’ Generation at number 46. They’re the youngest group on the list, which only adds to the impressiveness.

7. 2NE1

No list about setting records would be complete without 2NE1. The ladies secured the 64th most liked K-Pop video on YouTube with 2011’s “I Am The Best”. It was their most successful single, even featuring in a U.S. Dell commercial, so it’s no wonder it’s on the list.

8. (G)I-DLE

Another monster rookie (G)I-DLE is next with the 86 and 100 spots being taken by their “LATATA” and “HANN(Alone)” respectively. The group only has 3 music videos under their belt, but 2 out of 3 in the Top 100 is nothing to scoff at. Quality over quantity!


Last but not least (well, technically least…) is yet another monster rookie: IZ*ONE. IZ*ONE’s debut single “La Vie en Rose” landed at 97 out of 100. The song, while being the 2nd lowest scoring girl group song, still garnered over 1 million likes.


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Source: @SerieTV46