9 Idols Who Have A Ridiculously High Alcohol Tolerance

These idols love their alcohol!

Drinking is a huge part of the social culture in Korea, and idols are no exception! Find out which idols hold their alcohol like no other!


1. SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups

S.Coups can cleanly finish off a whopping 7 to 8 bottles of soju!


2. MONSTA X‘s Jooheon

Jooheon can also drink up 3 to 4 bottles of soju in one sitting.


3. NU’EST W‘s Aron

Aron claims to simply continue drinking until everyone else has passed out.


4. iKON‘s Jinhwan

Jinhwan’s minimum is 3 bottles of soju, but he can definitely go past that!


5. EXO‘s Xiumin

Xiumin enjoys drinking and tends to drink just to match the person he’s drinking with. However, he has been named one of SM Entertainment‘s best drinkers.


6. Infinite‘s L

Wow. L can go up to an extreme 13 bottles of soju!


7. Lovelyz‘s Baby Soul

Don’t think that only the male idols can drink lots! Baby Soul’s minimum is 5 bottles of soju and then she can keep going after that.


8. DIA‘s Chaeyeon

Chaeyeon has been known to talk about her strong alcohol tolerance and love for alcohol on TV many times before!


9. TVXQ‘s Changmin

BoA revealed that the best drinker in SM Entertainment is Changmin by far.

On his recent episode of I Live Alone he revealed his alcohol and wine fridge, and explained that he eats well and works out so that he can keep drinking.

Source: The qoo
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