9 “Jimin And His Evil Twin” Moments That Will Convince You The BTS Member Has A Doppelgänger

Whiplash after whiplash.

When it comes to switching between being cute and sexy, there is hardly anyone who can compete with thee Jimin from BTS. Though most idols can also swing between these two types of personas on stage based on the song and the vibe of their performances, Jimin is one of those few who can do it without any change to external factors such as the environment, the outfit, or the occasion. This has resulted in the running joke among ARMYs that he has an “evil twin.”

A recent viral tweet asked fans about their favorite “Jimin and his evil twin” moments, and here are the top 10 that will have you questioning if the “Park twins” are actually real:

1. Everybody remembers where they were when 2019 Muster gave us this

2. Don’t ask anyone the color of anything

3. Hope the hairstylist is happy after sending causing catastrophic damage to ARMYs’ mental peace

4. Can science explain this?


6. He’s guilty of serving FACE, your honor

7. Jimin, you have 24 hours to admit that you got a twin stashed away somewhere

8. Did he just marinate himself?

9. One for the history books



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