9 Korean Actors And Actresses Who Had To Leave Their K-Dramas In The Middle Of Production

Some of them were just kicked out.

Lots of unforeseen circumstances can happen throughout the filming of a K-Drama. Some situations even force actors and actresses to leave the drama before the conclusion. Here are 9 Korean actors and actresses who had to leave their dramas halfway through production.

1. Han Ye Seul (Spy Myung Wol)

Han Ye Seul had a dispute with the director over the harsh work conditions she was working under. This caused Han Ye Seul to not show up to her filming schedule, as she flew to the United States instead. Spy Myung Wol had to cancel an episode due to Han Ye Seul’s absence. The backlash from the general public made Han Ye Seul return to filming a few days later. Han Ye Seul even had to go into hiatus after Spy Myung Wol concluded due to the damage it did to her image.

2. Kim Jung Hyun (Time)

Kim Jung Hyun was the male lead in the drama Time. He soon left the drama due to health reasons, mainly eating and sleeping disorders.

3. Oh Ji Eun (Blow Breeze)

Oh Ji Eun suffered a severe ankle injury during Blow Breeze. She eventually had to drop out of the drama once it was confirmed that she needed to get surgery.

4. Go Hyun Jung (Return)

Go Hyun Jung left Return after some large disputes with the director of the drama. She was eventually replaced by Park Jin Hee.

5. Yoon Tae Young (100 Days My Prince)

Yoon Tae Young was originally supposed to be a cast member on 100 Days My Prince. He got dropped from the drama after he was caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

6. Goo Hye Sun (You Are Too Much)

Goo Hye Sun was originally one of the main cast members on You Are Too Much. She soon left the drama due to health reasons.

7. Park Yong Jin (Bread, Love and Dreams)

Park Yong Jin was a part of the famous drama, Bread, Love and Dreams. He got dropped near the conclusion of the drama due to a drunk driving incident.

8. Lee Seo Won (About Time)

Lee Seo Won was dropped from About Time due to him being guilty of sexual harassment and criminal threat charges. He was replaced by Kim Dong Jun.

9. Choi Sung Won (Mirror of the Witch)

Choi Sung Won was originally going to be a supporting character on Mirror of the Witch. He dropped out a couple of days before the premiere due to him getting diagnosed with acute leukemia. He has now completely healed and has continued his career as an actor.