Lee Seo Won Pleads Guilty To Sexual Harassment And Criminal Threat Charges

Actor Lee Seo Won’s lawyer clarified his stance.

Earlier today, the Seoul Eastern District Court proceeded with the first trial against Actor Lee Seo Won. Lee Seo Won pled guilty to charges of sexual harasment and criminal charges.


Back in May, Lee Seo Won was accused of sexually harassing a female celebrity and threatening another with a knife.


His lawyer clarified that although Lee Seo Won admits to the crimes, as his DNA matched those found during the investigation, he does not remember committing his crimes because he was severely intoxicated at the time.

“The DNA matched [Lee Seo Won’s] during the investigation, so he had no excuse or the chance to deny his crimes. He pleads guilty for the wrongdoings, but he doesn’t remember committing the crimes at this time.

Even the victim claims that [Lee Seo Won] seemed to have been unable to control his body. It is hard to understand that he would harass or threaten someone in this state.”

— Lee Seo Won’s Lawyer


Lee Seo Won accepts the charges, but argues the weight of the offense as he was not mentally or physically stable during the crime.

“[Lee Seo Won] accepts the charges, but claims a weakness in mental and physical state. We argue the weight of the offense.”

— Lee Seo Won’s Lawyer

Source: News1