Police Reveal Details On How Lee Seo Won Threatened His Female Colleague While Drunk

He was carrying a knife too.

Following the reveal of Lee Seo Won‘s actions towards a female colleague, the police department involved in his case have elaborated on what exactly he did that he was charged for.

Actor And Music Bank MC Lee Seo Won Charged With Sexually Harassing Female Celebrity


SBS entertainment news program One Night of Entertainment spoke with the police district involved in Lee Seo Won’s case, who revealed the night’s events.

“It was first reported to us that there was a disturbance going on. Lee Seo Won was arrested on location on charges of sexual harassment and making threats.” — Police


He was carrying a weapon and made the situation even more dangerous by being very drunk.

“The weapon was a knife. He was quite drunk, but not to the point where we had to overpower him because he was resisting. However he did swear a lot.” — Police


A lawyer who guested on the show also commented on the charges Lee Seo Won received.

“Both indecent assault and special threats are not crimes that come without punishment. If the investigation finds him guilty, he will be prosecuted and be put on trial. I am making a careful prediction that the results should come out in around 1 month.” — Lawyer


Lee Seo Won was the MC for KBS Music Bank and also had a supporting role in tvN drama About Time. He has since been removed from both shows.

Lee Seo Won Officially Removed From “Music Bank” And Upcoming Drama “About Time”

Source: news1 and Newsen