Lee Seo Won Officially Removed From “Music Bank” And Upcoming Drama “About Time”

He will be replaced in both shows.

After admitting to sexually harassing a female celebrity while drunk, Lee Seo Won has officially been removed from his MC position on Music Bank and will be completely replaced on About Time.

Lee Seo Won tried to kiss a female celebrity while drinking together and threatened her when she refused. He was taken into custody by the police, where he swore at the officers in his intoxicated state.


Music Bank had not immediately responded with their decision to remove him as one of their main MCs, but they ultimately decided that he will no longer be a part of the show.

“After our producers heard of Lee Seo Won’s incident, we contacted his agency to confirm the news. Once it was confirmed, we decided to remove Lee Sea Won from the program.” — Music Bank


Lee Seo Won co-hosted the program with LABOUM‘s Solbin, and Music Bank promised that Solbin will continue on as their MC. They will feature special guest idols to host in Lee Seo Won’s place.

“For the time being, we plan to feature a variety of special guests to host with Solbin. Our Music Bank staff will do our very best so that no inconvenience will be put on the K-Pop artists who work so hard for each stage and the viewers who wait to see them weekly.” — Music Bank


Lee Seo Won was also shooting for an upcoming drama called About Time. The drama’s producers decided to remove him from their drama as well.

“After we confirmed with [Lee Seo Won’s] agency that the news were true, we decided to remove Lee Seo Won after an internal discussion.” About Time Producer


He was set to play the role of a co-star in the musical featuring the drama’s female lead. His role was minor enough that the producers decided to recast his role and re-film his scenes.


A staff member from the About Time‘s production team expressed their frustration as they had already finished 12 episodes of the drama. The staff uploaded the production schedule that will now be trashed as re-casting and re-filming will have to take place.


Both Music Bank and About Time has yet to reveal who they will cast to replace Lee Seo Won.

Source: Aju News and Xportsnews