9 Korean Celebrities Who Quit The Celebrity Life In Order To Live Normal Lives

Many of them quit for good reasons.

Being a Korean celebrity can be a stressful job, especially being a K-Pop idol. Sometimes, the job can be too overwhelming, which can cause some celebrities to just want to live a normal life. Celebrities may also quit due to other life circumstances. Here are 9 Korean celebrities who quit the celebrity life to live normal lives.

1. Seo Min Jung

Seo Min Jung was a Korean actress, who gained much fame due to her role in Unstoppable High Kick.

Seo Min Jung soon got married to Ahn Sang Hoon, who is a Korean-American dentist. Seo Min Jung retired as an actress and migrated to New York. She made a brief appearance in a variety show before returning back to New York.

2. Yulhee

Yulhee originally debuted as a member of LABOUM in 2014.

In 2017, it was announced that Yulhee would be marrying FTISLAND member Choi Minhwan. Yulhee also gave birth to their son in the same year. She also left LABOUM in late 2017. While Yulhee might not be an idol anymore, she’s created a YouTube channel where she shows off her family life and has been featured on Mr. House Husband too.

3. Kong Yoo Jin

Kong Yoo Jin originally debuted as a member of BONUSbaby.

She soon left the group, as she revealed that the companies rules were taking a toll on her. She now aspires to be a music teacher.

4. Choa

Choa originally debuted as a member of AOA in 2012.

In 2017, Choa officially left AOA, as she had been dealing with some mental health issues. In 2019, her contract expired with FNC Entertainment. She took a three year hiatus before slowly making her comeback to the industry with OSTs and single releases.

5. G.O

G.O originally debuted as a member of MBLAQ in 2009.

In 2014, it was announced that Lee Joon and Thunder would be leaving MBLAQ.

Lee Joon (Left) & Thunder (Right)

MBLAQ would release an album as a trio, but they haven’t released any music since 2015.

G.O has effectively quit the entertainment industry, where he’s now a YouTuber with his wife, Choi Ye Seul.

6. Hong Yookyung

Yookyung originally debuted as a member of Apink in 2011.

Yookyung left the group in 2013, where she wanted to focus more on her studies.

7. Kyla

Kyla originally debuted as a member of PRISTIN in 2013.

Kyla eventually left the group due to health reasons in 2017. In 2019, Kyla terminated her contract with Pledis Entertainment. Kyla currently runs her own YouTube channel but hasn’t updated her channel since she released her mini-album for free in June 2020.

8. Soyul

Soyul originally debuted as a member of Crayon Pop in 2012.

In 2017, Soyul married Moon Hee Jun and gave birth to their daughter. She also announced she would be leaving Crayon Pop. Soyul is now a loving mother and wife, but she does make some appearances on The Return of Superman.

9. Eunjin

Eunjin originally debuted as a member of DIA in 2015.

Eunjin left the group in 2018 due to health reasons. Eunjin now isn’t seen on broadcasts, but was interacting with fans on her Instagram until she deleted her account.