9 Korean Celebrities Who Had Some Unique Jobs Before They Made Their Official Debut

Number 7 is a little odd.

A lot of Korean celebrities had jobs before they debuted, as many were involved in the entertainment industry from a young age. While plenty of Korean celebrities have had jobs related to their field, there are also plenty who had some unique jobs before their debut. Here’s a list of some Korean celebrities who had some unique jobs before their official debut.

1. Won Bin

Won Bin originally wanted to be a car mechanic when he was young. During his time in high school, he worked a lot on cars. He even graduated from a high school focusing on car mechanics and repair.

2. Han Ye Seul

Before her debut as an actress, for a short time, Han Ye Seul was a reporter for SBS‘s Night of TV Entertainment.

3. Yoon Sang Hyun

Yoon Sang Hyun used to sell street food near a Korean university.

4. Jin Ki Joo

Jin Ki Joo has worked multiple jobs before debuting as an actress, as she was an employee at Samsung SDS, a reporter, and even tried out modeling.

5. Insoo (MYNAME)

Insoo once worked as a ballet teacher before his debut.

6. Choa (Former member of AOA)

Choa was once a salesperson for an electronics company.

7. Kim Jun Ho

Kim Jun Ho once worked part-time at a lingerie store.

8. Jung Hyung Don

Before becoming a comedian, Jung Hyung Don worked for Samsung Electronics for many years.

9. Pyo Ye Jin

Pyo Ye Jin was a flight attendant before she decided to pursue acting.