9 Korean & International Artists Who Want To Collab With Red Velvet

Everyone wants a piece of Red Velvet.

The wave of Korean and international recognition Red Velvet has been growing since debut doesn’t just come from fans. Their fellow idols and even international artists look up to them too—such much so that they’re begging for a collab with “K-Pop’s most musically interesting girl group” (Pitchfork). Here’s the long list of Korean and international stars who revealed they want to collab with Red Velvet.

1. Tzuyu (TWICE)

TWICE’s lead dancer and visual, Tzuyu, is one idol who wants to work with a Red Velvet member. When answering the 2020 Idol Pick Survey, Tzuyu picked Red Velvet’s Seulgi as the idol she wants to form a project group with.

Her reasoning was simple, yet incredibly cute: “I like her, she’s cool!”. Along with Momo and Chaeyoung, Tzuyu has already performed a collab stage with Seulgi, Irene, and Joy. But since then, ONCEs and ReVeluvs have been looking forward to another amazing project between these two.

2. Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE)

Seems like everyone wants more Seulgi in their life. Another idol who wants to collab with her is fellow main dancer, IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon. Chaeyeon is a big ReVeluv and has expressed her wish to collab with Seulgi on multiple occasions. From fansigns to interviews, Seulgi is always Chaeyeon’s first pick.

And Chaeyeon is a very lucky fangirl, because Seulgi has named the IZ*ONE star one of K-Pop’s best girl group dancers on multiple occasions.

Chaeyeon (far left) & Seulgi (far right)

3. Pixie Lott

Moving on from Red Velvet’s main dancer to their main vocalist, Wendy is another popular member when it comes to collab requests. After Red Velvet’s appearance on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, where Wendy performed a cover of Pixie Lott‘s “Everybody Hurts Sometimes”, ReVeluvs managed to get the attention of the original singer on social media.

Not only did Pixie post Wendy’s cover to her Instagram and shower her with praise, she also revealed she wants to work with her.

4. Changmo

From dancers, to singers, to rappers, stars from all fields want to collab with Red Velvet. Korean rapper and hip-hop producer Changmo has also said he wants to collab with the group. There’s just one small problem—he said that if he ever got to work with them, he’d be too nervous to rap!

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Changmo pronounced himself a “successful ReVeluv” when his song, “Meteor”, was battling Red Velvet’s December 2019 hit “Psycho” on the Korean digital charts.

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5. Giriboy

Korean R&B artist Giriboy,joined this star-studded list when he confessed his love for Red Velvet’s music video concepts and the hard work they put in for their performances.

When asked who he likes the most, the rapper and singer answered with “Irene”, but added that he later started loving Seulgi too. While Giriboy said that he doesn’t think that Red Velvet knows who he is, ReVeluvs are still hoping for Giriboy to collab with Irene, Seulgi, or all of Red Velvet.

6. Gallant

Another R&B artist makes this list, but this time, he’s international. American singer Gallant once hopped on Twitter to reveal that a collaboration track between him and Wendy “would be great“.

The singer previously shared Red Velvet B-side track “About Love” on his Instagram story, showing he’s a true fan. Best of all, Wendy is just as big of a Gallant fan, as seen in this clip.

7. NIve

Korean-American singer-songwriter NIve is yet another fan of Red Velvet’s main vocalist. During one of his live broadcasts, he said he loves the singer, even playing and singing along to one of her solo songs.

NIve also recently shared that he’s been working at SM Entertainment’s company building, which has ReVeluvs theorizing over a possible collab.

8. Bewhy & Crush

Korean R&B singer rappers song writers and friends Bewhy and Crush both admitted to being big fans of Red Velvet during an episode of Happy Together. The two friends even started an argument when asked if they’d give each other the opportunity to collab with Red Velvet. Naturally, both hardcore Luvies answered “No!“.

Crush already got a collaboration with one of the Red Velvet girls, Joy, earlier this year when he released “Mayday”, so fans hope Bewhy gets to fulfill his wish too.

9. Jooyoung

South Korean singer-songwriter Jooyoung recently mentioned he wants to work with Wendy too. In fact, he’s brought up his wish twice.

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During the interviews, Jooyoung told fans about the love he has for Wendy’s vocal color. He also added that he’s already finished writing music that would best fit the singer. Jooyoung said that the combination of Wendy’s talents and his music will produce an amazing project.

Source: Image Credit (Pixie Lott) and Image Credit (TWICE)

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