These 9 K-Pop Groups All Named Girls’ Generation As Their Biggest Inspiration

Girls’ Generation live up to their name by inspiring future generations of K-Pop girl groups.

Given how successful Girls’ Generation has been over the past 13 years, it should come as no surprise that numerous girl groups on today’s K-Pop scene look up to these sunbaenims and see the group as an inspiration. Here are just 9 of the girl groups who have named Girls’ Generation as their role models.


During a radio interview for “ICY”, the ITZY members revealed Girls’ Generation as one of their inspirational groups. Chaeryeong is an especially big fan of the group, telling the DJ she wanted to do a concept like Girls’ Generation’s before debut.

We really liked Girls’ Generation sunbaenim when we were young.

— Lia (ITZY)


At IZ*ONE’s debut showcase, Yena revealed that Girls’ Generation is the group’s biggest inspiration.

Although we have a lot to learn from [all the idols] promoting now, we think of Girls’ Generation as our role models. Girl’ Generation always takes in their concepts in a diverse and cool way.

— Yena (IZ*ONE)

3. Weki Meki

During a radio interview to promote “Dazzle Dazzle”, Weki Meki’s Sei explained that Girls’ Generation is the group’s role model because of their ability to pull off any concept.

They’ve done a wide variety of concepts and songs. I want to be able to portray all those concepts perfectly just like them. I also want us to be similar to them in terms of their teamwork.

— Sei (Weki Meki)


In an interview for their 1st anniversary, MOMOLAND members Nancy and Daisy were quick to name the group’s role model as “Girls’ Generation sunbaenim” because of their group longevity and success as success as individuals.

They’re still going strong, and they recently returned with their 10th-anniversary album. I’m envious and it’s so cool. I hope we can happily promote for that long like they did.

— Nancy (MOMOLAND)

5. Oh My Girl

Back in 2015, Oh My Girl revealed Girls’ Generation as their role models on Weekly Idol. They liked the senior group so much, they even confidently covered their choreography for “Gee” and “I Got a Boy”.

6. Lovelyz

Right from the moment they debuted, the Lovelyz members named Girls’ Generation as their role models. They stated that they wanted to give off bright energy for a long time like their successful seniors.

The senior that we want to be like is Girls’ Generation. Our role model is Girls’ Generation. We will work hard

— Baby Soul (Lovelyz)

7. Pristin

Before their untimely disbandment, Pristin hoped to grow to be like Girls’ Generation. Rena, who is now part of HINAPIA promoting as Yaebin, said that it was tough to pick just one group, but Girls’ Generation won out.

The Girls’ Generation members are similar to us with many artists and show diverse moves. There is a lot to learn from them in terms of performance.

— Rena (Pristin)


When asked about their role models, GWSN unanimously chose Girls’ Generation. Why? Because each member shows off their own charms, but they still blend perfectly together as a group.


At their showcase for “I Like U Too Much” back in 2016, SONAMOO’s leader Sumin told the audience that they’d love to be like Girl’s Generation one day.

Girls’ Generation is much loved all over the world. We want to be like that one day. Girls’ Generation showcase their different charms through acting, variety, and other areas. Their album concepts are unique, too.

— Sumin (SONAMOO)

Girls' Generation

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