These 9 Moments Where BTS Betrayed Each Other Are Guaranteed To Make You Burst Out Laughing

V and Jimin are best friends — except when it’s #7, of course.

BTS may be one of the most tight-knit groups in the industry, but that doesn’t mean they don’t betray each other once in a while in exchange for coupons and cash prizes.

It’s all in the name of good entertainment. After all…

Here are some of the most hilarious and memorable moments where BTS blatantly betrayed each other while playing games:

1. When V traded Jungkook for presents

J-Hope was targeting Jungkook who was initially being protected by V.

They got into a negotiation: J-Hope says that if V helps him get Jungkook…

…he’ll give V all his prizes. V agreed and told him immediately about Jungkook’s location.

He even told Jungkook that there’s no one on the second floor to cover his tracks.

When Jungkook started to get paranoid and wanted to take the elevator, V immediately called J-Hope to inform him and told him to wait in front of the elevator.

Too bad Jungkook sensed something odd was happening, so he said he’d use the stairs instead.

The look of surprise in V’s face is priceless.

2. When BTS assigned “laughing” as J-Hope’s “word”

Each BTS member was assigned two words — every time they utter the word, they get sprayed with water. Instead of putting a valid word, the members assigned “laughing” to J-Hope.

Every time he laughed, he’d get sprayed with water.

The number of times he laughed and got sprayed at subsequently caused him and Jungkook to lose the debate.

It was hilarious how he didn’t know what his word was so he kept on laughing over and over again.

3. When they let Jimin take one for the team

Jungkook, V and Jimin were supposed to go in the water together.

The two changed their minds at the last minute, so this happened:

We don’t know which you should feel sorry for: Jimin, who lost trust in his friends, or Jimin’s stylist, who styled his hair for an hour?

4. Is your friend really your friend if they’re not willing to betray you in exchange for gift cards?

5. Jimin told V that it was only the two of them who were sharing a room

He was so happy…

…until he slowly…

…found out the truth.

6. A true friend knows you more than you know yourself, after all

7. When V took advantage of Jimin’s trust

BTS had to put stickers on their target’s back without revealing their identity. Jimin thought that Jin was targeting him, so he trusted V with his back.

He even thanked V for his “concern”.

And Jimin shared to V about his speculation that Jin targeted him — V couldn’t believe how lucky he was since Jimin’s not suspicious of him!

When he found out, Jimin was so enraged he told V that their friendship’s already over.

8. Jungkook sacrificing their oldest hyung for ice cream

When their group suddenly craved for ice cream, Jungkook was quick to call the attention of their director.

He was asked what he’s willing to do for ice cream — and he said he’s willing to trade Jin in exchange for it.

9. When Jungkook’s fine with Suga paying all the time

Suga says he tries to offer to pay whenever they’re eating.

He expects Jungkook to decline his offer and to say that he will pay instead, since it’s a part of their societal norm.

Jungkook doesn’t do this: he just happily accepts Suga’s offer to pay and enjoys the meal with no worries.

The best part about this group?

They’re okay with betraying each other while playing games, but they’re not a fan of sleeping in separate rooms.

And that, dear readers, is a hallmark of what a true friendship really is.