9 Moments From “BTS Memories 2021” That Are Straight Out Of A Fever Dream

All on tape but still feels unreal.

When it comes to any behind-the-scenes content, BTS are never not chaotic. Their Memories of 2021 clips proved this theory right once again.

Here are nine moments from the DVD that will make you question if you are seeing things or if it’s real:

1. RM’s (almost) bare body on display:

The outfit itself was too much to handle, and now we got a peep at it without a few layers? It’s like they want ARMYs to go insane.

If that wasn’t enough, they also put in a clip of him working out backstage as if people are not fighting for their lives here.

2. Jungkook’s sleeve tattoo out in all its glory:

Who remembers the days of kitchen gloves and full sleeve sweatshirts to hide any semblance of a tattoo on Jungkook’s arms? Just how fast the night changes…

3. V casually jumping on Jungkook’s shoulder:

It’s hard to decide what’s more amusing- V’s core strength to straight up jump that high or Jungkook catching him like it’s nothing.

4. Jimin in a ponytail:

Black-haired Jimin supremacy just got a push because of this hairstyle.

5. V and Jin holding hands:

Nothing could have ever prepared anyone to witness what was happening. BTS, the kings of innovation, are once again at work inventing new ways to hold hands.

6. Jungkook’s horror movie audition:

BTS might be laughing in this clip, but as soon as Jungkook pulls the same moves in the dark from under any of their beds, it’s game over.

7. BTS choo-choo train:

Nothing to see here. Just the biggest boyband in the world, practicing their hit song “Idol” while wiggling in a straight line.

8. RM’s workout assistant Jungkook:

Rumors have it that he volunteered for the role without pay.

9. This entire conversation:

You’d think this was one of those BTS incorrect quote jokes, but it’s actually a verbatim conversation they had while waiting to start the Grammy livestream.

It’s always a treat to see BTS in their natural habitat.