9 Moments When The GOT7 Members Were Absolute Gentlemen Towards Females

These will warm your hearts.

Many fans love the GOT7 members for their incredible talents and humorous personalities.

However, something that may touch the hearts of fans more is their incredibly kind personalities. The members have shown their kind personality many times, especially towards females. Here are a few moments when the GOT7 members were absolute gentlemen towards females.

1. Jinyoung assisting Irene (Red Velvet)

During the 2019 KBS Song Festival (Gayo Daechukje), Irene was seen trying to fix her dress. Jinyoung decided to step himself between Irene and the cameras so she couldn’t be filmed.

2. Jackson confronting a person who pushed a fan

A photographer once pushed a GOT7 fan to the ground, which didn’t make Jackson happy. Jackson confronted the photographer, where he told him, “you should not push girls”.

3. JB assisting a fan to her seat

JB decided to personally assist a fan to her seat, which warmed the hearts of many.

4. Mark’s message during a concert

During a concert, Mark noticed there were several males in the audience, so he decided to give them a message if they came with their girlfriends.

If you guys came with your girlfriend, I want you guys to listen to your girlfriend and make sure she doesn’t get upset.

— Mark

Mark also gave a heartwarming warning to all the boyfriends if they made GOT7’s fans upset.

They are all fans so if you make them upset we’re …

— Mark

5. Youngjae concerned about a fan

A GOT7 fan struggled to return home after going to a GOT7 fanmeeting. She ended up writing a message in GOT7’s fancafe expressing her concern.

I live in Gyeonggi Province, and this is my first time coming to Daegu, so I’m really scared.

— GOT7 fan

Youngjae ended up replying to the fan, saying that he would look up the train schedule for her. Youngjae soon messaged the fan about what time the train was coming.

There’s one coming at 6:42 and there are open seats! Go to the terminal and drink something warm while you wait!

— Youngjae

Youngjae revealed that he was quite worried about the fan since it was late at night, so he made sure to reply as quickly as he could.

6. BamBam asking for permission

A fan wanted to get a picture with BamBam, but BamBam decided to ask her husband first if it was okay.

7. Yugyeom lending a hand

Yugyeom showed his kind personality many times during his appearance on Law of the Jungle, especially when he gave a helping hand to Han Bo Reum.

8. The members lending their jackets

During a fanmeeting, the GOT7 members decided to lend their jackets to fans since it was raining.

9. Helping fans up

The GOT7 members have been shown many times assisting fans whenever they fall in front of them.