9 NCT Bestie Duos To Look Forward To In The “Universe” Comeback

NCT members are all close with each other but these 9 duos are confirmed besties.

With 23 members and 3 subunits, NCT is by far the biggest K-Pop group that is currently active. This may sound daunting, but to fans it presents infinite exciting possibilities for interactions between members, which is one of the reasons why the third upcoming album, Universe, is so highly anticipated.

Within NCT, there are several members who are known to be best friends, and whose interactions therefore are particularly looked forward to by NCTizens (the fans).


1. Taeyong and Doyoung

These two besties have been delighting fans with their antics for years, whether it’s through Doyoung being jealous of Taeyong’s growing friendship with EXO‘s Baekhyun, or through their funny arguments and playfights. At the end of the day, they both have talked a lot about how much they mean to each other, and have even bought each other friendship rings!

NCT 127 Takes a Friendship Test | Glamour/Youtube

 2. Johnny and Mark

As two of the ‘Foreign Swaggers’ (the foreign line of NCT members), Johnny and Mark have a great friendship that makes them hilarious to watch. In fact, they actually have a very sibling-like relationship, with Johnny acting very much like Mark’s older brother—down to the way in which he teases him—and Mark has even stated before that Johnny is the person he texts the most.

| NCT 127/Youtube

 3. Jeno and Jaemin

An iconic duo, these two members of NCT DREAM have been friends since they were in school. They are known to spend a lot of time with each other, often going bike-riding and filming many activities together for the NCT Youtube channel. The other members also often refer to them as the ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ of the group, so it’s cute to see that their special friendship is also acknowledged by them.


 4. Renjun and Yangyang

As two of the young 00′ liners, Renjun and Yangyang became quite close when they were trainees and their friendship has continued to blossom since then. It’s even gotten to the point where other WayV members have commented on how Renjun is always at the WayV dorm. During a live stream, Yangyang also showed fans Renjun’s name on his phone, which is “Huang Baby”; Yangyang that Renjun had changed it himself!

5. Taeil and Haechan

The ‘Sun and Moon’ of NCT, these two have an endearing and chaotic friendship that is super fun to watch. As the eldest and youngest members of NCT 127, Taeil and Haechan not only showed that they spend a lot of their free time together through the 24-hour NCT relay cam, but they also proved their friendship by taking Glamour‘s friendship test and hosting their own little Youtube talk show, Welcome to Sun and Moon, on the set of last year’s NCT Resonance. Hopefully we will see the return of their show for this year’s Universe!

NCT 127 Takes a Friendship Test | Glamour/Youtube

6. Sungchan and Shotaro

These two joined NCT last year and have yet to join a fixed unit. But fans have been able to see their growing friendship since debut and it’s been really wholesome to watch. They even featured in each other’s videos during the 24-hour relay cam, showing that they also spend their free time together. Hopefully we’ll get to see this friendship continue to develop!

| NCT/Youtube

 7. Chenle and Jisung

Chenle and Jisung are the chaotic but lovable ‘maknaes’ (youngest members) of NCT DREAM, and their interactions are notably hilarious. They are clearly very comfortable with each other, and they have shown that they know a lot about each other too. Plus, the way that Chenle always teases Jisung is endlessly amusing.

| NCT DAILY/Youtube

8. Mark and Yuta

These two have made headlines before with their close friendship. Their interactions are not only genuine and sweet, but also often hilarious and crazy. Fans will probably immediately think of the infamous Pepero game which Yuta volunteered to play with Mark despite it being a penalty. But above all, this friendship is genuinely heartfelt, and it’s nice to see how close and comfortable they are with each other.

| NCT/Youtube

 9. Jeno and Doyoung

Doyoung is often teased as being the ‘mom’ of NCT, and his close friendship with Jeno is perhaps the most obvious example of why. Doyoung is known for his caring and considerate nature, so it’s not surprising to fans that he has always had a soft spot for the members of NCT DREAM—and Jeno in particular.


Which best friend duo are you looking forward to in Universe?