NCT’s Yuta And Mark Shower Each Other With Compliments And Showcase How Close They Are

Their bond is just too adorable!

NCT 127 is known for their close relationships with each other and, last year, they shot a video with Glamour where they paired up and took part in a “Friendship Test.”

Although all of the members seemed very close, Mark and Yuta seemed to showcase their special bond with each other.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

As soon as the video started, Yuta made NCTzens soft, describing his relationship with Mark.

Right now, we are close like family. To me, he’s a necessary presence in my life.

— Yuta

After hearing their heartwarming memories and feelings towards each other, the members then complimented their partners.

Mark was the first to compliment Yuta, and, with only a few words, he managed to melt the hearts of fans!

He makes you feel like it’s okay to be yourself, and he’s a comfortable guy to be around.

— Mark

Yuta seemed to have the perfect response. Alongside calling Mark “cute,” he emphasized a familial love he has for his younger member.

In a lot of ways, I think if I had a real brother, he could be very much like you. Other people see you as a person who raps and dances well and is very cool. But, for me, I see you as a cute and good little brother.

— Yuta

During the next round of compliments, Mark and Yuta continued to show off their adorable friendship.

He has a very pure, innocent, and kind heart. In a lot of ways, you tell people what’s on your mind, and I like that.

— Mark

Yuta then reminded fans that sometimes being there for someone can mean the world to them and make a huge difference.

Being in a team, I’ve felt that being comfortable with one another makes a lasting relationship. I’m comfortable with the other members. But, when I’m with Mark, I don’t think of all the little things that don’t matter.

— Yuta

With both members having to leave their homes to pursue their dream, there is no denying that Mark and Yuta have a beautiful brotherly bond!

You can watch the whole video full of adorable NCT 127 friendship below.