9 Photos That Show K-Drama Actress Ha Ji Won Still Looks The Same Throughout 20 Years Of Her Career

She stayed the same through the years.

K-Drama actress Ha Ji Won has been in the entertainment industry since 1996, when she debuted in the teen drama New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Understand Us. She played a few more supporting roles before she finally gained fame through the popular high school drama School 2, in which she played the role of a troubled teen.

Fast forward to twenty-six years later, Ha Ji Won is still active as ever, appearing in K-Dramas and movies and still managing to look not a day older!

Here are nine photos of Ha Ji-Won spanning her projects since 2002, showing her timeless beauty and grace that stayed the same throughout her career.

1. Phone (2002)

Ha Ji Won starred in Ahn Byeong Ki‘s horror movie, Phone, in 2002. The film was a massive success in South Korea and Italy, officially dubbing her “Asia’s Horror Princess.”

| Buenavista International Korea

2. Miracle on First Street (2007)

In 2007, Ha challenged herself by taking on the role of a female boxer in the comedy film Miracle on 1st Street. The movie became the fifth most popular movie that year.

Ha Ji Won attending the movie premiere of her movie Miracle on 1st Street | Kiyoung Kim/Flicker

3. Secret Garden (2010)

Ha made a very successful comeback after a four-year hiatus from dramas through the 2010 hit drama Secret Garden, where she played the role of a stunt woman who magically switches bodies with a wealthy CEO played by Hyun Bin. Ha impressively performed her own stunts in this drama. She was awarded the prestige Best Actress at the Grimae Awards.

Here she is behind the scenes, still looking pretty, even without make-up.


4. Empress Ki (2013)

Ha, Ji Won was awarded her second Daesang for her stellar work as the titular character in the historical drama Empress Ki. The drama achieved consistently high viewership ratings throughout its run on MBC and was also a hit in Taiwan.

Ha Ji Won’s beauty fit her role to a T, doubled with her stand-out acting skills.

5. The Time We Were Not In Love (2015)

Ha starred in The Time We Were Not In Love, a remake of 2011 hit Taiwanese drama, In Time With You. The series was a hit internationally. Ha Ji Won was already 37 years old by this year, but she still looked the same, even her physique did not change.

| @hajiwon1023/Instagram

6. Grazia Magazine Cover (2017)

Ha Ji Won looked fabulous when she graced the March 2017 cover of Grazia Magazine. She was photographed showing her toned physique that looked perfect with the styling done on her.

| @hajiwon1023/Instagram

7. Chocolate (2019)

Ha starred in a drama series in 2019, Chocolate, which covers the story of a man who became a neurosurgeon though he dreamt of becoming a cook and a woman who became a cook because of him.


8. Pawn (2020)

Ha Ji Won starred in the film, Pawn, which revolves around two debt collectors who take the nine-year-old girl as “collateral” from her mother, an illegal immigrant. The film was number one at the box office for two weeks.

| HanCinema

9. Curtain Call (2022)

Currently showing is Ha Ji Won’s latest project, Curtain Call. The series is about an actor from a small theatre company who is paid to play the role of a grandson who defected to fulfill his grandmother’s last wish from the North. Ha Ji Won plays the granddaughter of Geum Soon, the man who hired the actor to play his grandson.


Ha, Ji Won guested in 2 Days 1 Night as part of the promotions for Curtain Call. The production fell for Ha Ji Won’s charms and her sunny disposition. She still looks so pretty to this day.



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