9 Popular Idol Trainees That Never Got To Debut

Will these trainees be the miraculous 0.1% that gets to debut?

Over 100,000 trainees are in queue for even the slightest chance at debuting as a K-Pop idol group and it is reported that only 0.1% gets to debut, while the rest continues to “train”. For one reason or another, these popular idol trainees haven’t been able to debut, but they already have special places in many fans’ hearts!


1. Lee Soo Min

Originally from Fantagio Entertainment, trainee Lee Soo Min appeared on Produce 101 and made it to rank #31 before being eliminated. Soo Min also competed on K-Pop Star 6 and fought her was all the way to the top 6 before getting eliminated as well.


Lee Soo Min is now with LOEN Entertainment which hopes to debut her in 2018.


2. Heo Chanmi

Originally from SM Entertainment, trainee Heo Chanmi almost debuted with Girls’ Generation and f(x).


Although Chanmi briefly debuted with two K-Pop acts, Coed School and its subunit F-ve Dolls. Coed School became defunct when its gendered subunits split and Chanmi went back to training under a new agency and auditioning on TV programs like Produce 101 and Mix Nine.

While Chanmi, unlike others on the list, has debuted in the past not once but twice, fans feel that her talents are being put to waste and they are still waiting for her to make her debut again.


Heo Chanmi is currently with Mostable Music and most likely to debut in a group called Highcolor.


3. Cher Kong

A former JYP Entertainment trainee, Cher Kong left the K-Pop idol training industry completely for a career in China.


Cher Kong almost debuted with TWICE but, when that failed, she moved to China and appeared on the show Lady Bees, which is a Chinese version of the Korean Produce 101.

She has debuted as a part of the winning team from Lady Bees in China.


4. Ahn So Jin

A trainee with DSP Entertainment for five years, Ahn So Jin appeared on a competition program to debut as a new member to the girl group KARA. When she didn’t make the final cut, she almost debuted as APRIL, but that didn’t go well either.


Ahn So Jin suffered extreme depression after DSP Entertainment terminated the contract. With her failure to become a K-Pop idol, she committed suicide by throwing herself off the 10th floor.


5. Han Seo Hee

Quite possibly one of the most controversial K-Pop trainees in history, Han Seo Hee was with both Pledis and Jellyfish Entertainment. She auditioned on the TV program Star Audition : The Great Birth.


Han Seo Hee has been put on probation for marijuana abuse. Many Koreans doubt Han Seo Hee will ever be able to debut.


6. Bang Ye Dam

Trainee Bang Ye Dam has been with YG Entertainment since he appeared on K-Pop Star 2 in 2012. He gained a lot of popularity as “Korea’s baby Justin Bieber” and many have been waiting for his debut.


Bang Ye Dam recently made an appearance in the TV program Stray Kids. It is likely he will be debuting in a group sometime in 2018.


7. Jeon Woong

Jeon Woong began training at JYP Entertainment, but moved to YG Entertainment after failing to debut with GOT7.


After his appearance on Mix Nine, fans expect he will debut in 2018.


8. Kim Hong Joong

Fans noticed KQ Entertainment trainee Kim Hong Joong right away with his unique red hair!


This talented trainee looks forward to not only rapping, but composing, arranging, and producing his own music.


9. Woo Jin Young

Trainee Woo Jin Young, from HF Music Company and Happyface Entertainment, won 1st place on the TV program Mix Nine. With talks of his debut in the air, Woo Jin Young is one of the most anticipated trainees of the year.


In an interview, Woo Jin Young said, “I fell in love with rapping when BIGBANG’s G-Dragon released “This Love”. I couldn’t start training right away because my dad didn’t let me. The first time I actually learned to rap is when I was 19 years old.”


Source: 1boon
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