9 Rare Moments When BTS Members Give Suga A Taste Of His Own Medicine And Playfully Bully Him Instead

Jungkook really had the audacity to do #8 to Suga, huh?

ARMYs know just how much BTS‘s Suga loves to tease his members.

This is one of the reasons why his nickname, “Savage Suga”, has been born, after all.

What happens when the members decide to turn the tables on Suga and playfully tease him as a group? His nickname becomes “Save Suga” and these hilarious moments happen, of course!

Here are nine moments when Suga experienced being bullied by his loving members:

1. When ARMYs found out what he wears to bed

His hyung Jin, who also happened to his roommate, once shared that Suga’s favorite thing to wear when going to bed is an underwear…

…with cute bears displays all over it.

Fans also shouted in shock and, perhaps, joy, when Jin announced that it was the only thing he wears in bed.

2. When RM showed he’s a true friend by hitting him for real

3. That time when everybody laughed because of what V did

Suga’s face’s magnetic powers are incredible — it’s like V’s butt was attracted to it so this happened:

4. When no one wanted to play with him

As soon as Suga saw the members playing a game, he runs toward them to join. But when he started to play, the members teased him by saying that the game is already over.

5. Team S

When Suga was asked which team he’d like to join, V burned him by telling him he shouldn’t join so he should just rest.

6. Swimming with your friends means this will inevitably happen

The guys decided to target Suga and bring him into the pool.

Hey, at least they were considerate and gentle about it…right?

7. Laughing at him when he wasn’t trying to be funny

At first, the members laughed at Suga’s bird-like dancing.

They didn’t stop there, though: they also laughed at him because he didn’t slide down properly.

He could only blame his pants in response.

8. Jungkook imitating his bulletproof dance

To show his comedic talent, Jungkook volunteered to show off his own impression of Suga dancing.

Everybody laughed…

…except for Suga who clapped sarcastically when it was all over.

9. S in Suga stands for “soft”

Yoongi may show his savage and swag sides most of the time, but his members never let him forget it whenever he slips and shows his soft side.

For example, when V was sharing a story about Suga’s letter to him, Suga shouted “Don’t say it!”…

…but V continued and shared that Suga said “I love you” to him.

He got so embarrassed and flustered that he ate a piece of shell in the end.

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