Here Are 9 Reasons Why Jihyo Is The Best Leader TWICE Could Have Ever Had

She’s the best leader for them!

TWICE debuted in 2015, with Jihyo taking the position of their leader. In 2020, they’ll be hitting their fifth year since debut. In the last 5 years, they have established themselves as one of the top girl groups in the industry, all under Jihyo’s leadership! Here are 9 reasons to love Jihyo, for she’s the best leader TWICE could have had!

1. Jihyo trained for 10 long years, and is a prime example of patience and perseverance

Jihyo joined JYP Entertainment in 2005, and trained for 10 years until her debut with TWICE in 2015. She remained patient and persevered through all her doubts about being able to debut, and is now enjoying her well-deserved success as the leader of one K-Pop’s hottest groups!


2. She’s a very well rounded idol, boasting incredible talent in singing and dancing

Along with being the group’s leader, Jihyo is also the main vocalist, and carries the group’s sound well with her deep and soulful vocals.

She’s also praised greatly for her strong dancing ability, and gets better and better with every comeback!


3. She’s also got seriously beautiful visuals!

TWICE is a very visually strong group, and Jihyo just adds to their visual charm! She’s seriously beautiful, with an incredible figure, large, bright eyes and the cutest smile to match!


4. She loves and cares for her members a lot, and stands up for them

Jihyo is always seen caring for her members, and is always watching over them and making sure they’re okay. She loves and cares for all of TWICE, and leads them well!


5. She’s incredibly intelligent

In a live broadcast, Nayeon and Momo were asked about who they thought was the smartest member of TWICE. Nayeon immediately named Jihyo, though she couldn’t explain exactly why. But Jihyo has been leading the group well for almost 4 years, which takes an incredible amount of intelligence! She also masters games and other skills fairly easily, and her smarts are just one of the reasons why she’s nicknamed “God Jihyo”.


6. She’s super funny!

Jihyo has an incredible sense of humor! She roasts her members all the time, and is also a star on variety shows!


7. She loves ONCEs a whole lot.

Jihyo always tell ONCEs that she loves them a lot! She works hard as a TWICE member to give ONCEs all that she’s got, and loves talking to fans through live broadcasts very often!


8. Along with being a talented performer, she’s also an incredibly talented songwriter.

Jihyo wrote the lyrics for songs such as “Girls Like Us” from their album Fancy You, as well as “Get Loud” from Feel Special. As a lyricist, she’s shown incredible growth and skill, and wows fans with all her assets as an artist!


9. She was chosen by the members themselves!

After TWICE was formed through the survival show SIXTEEN, the members all voted for the group’s leader themselves, with the maximum amount of votes nominating Jihyo! Her members look to her for guidance and security, and she never fails to deliver, supporting her members no matter what!