9 Sweet And Awkward Moments When BTS Kissed Each Other To Show Their Love…Or To Act Out A Fatal Punishment

#1 is as cute as a Disney movie, while #9 looks like something underage people shouldn’t see.

When it comes to skinship and public displays of affection, ARMYs can say that the boys of BTS have a lot of experience in these areas.

After all, they enjoy showing their love through hugs…

…even tight back hugs that would make even Olaf jealous…


…so why not express the same love by kissing each other, for a change? And while they may refuse the request sometimes…

…it’s already obvious through the following moments that they still find joy in giving and receiving well-deserved smooches.

Here are nine super sweet — and sometimes, awkward AF — moments when BTS members kissed each other:

1. V enjoying all the love and affection showered upon him

While their leader RM didn’t kiss V, the oldest hyung Jin decided to kiss his hand as a sign of affection.

V seemed to handle it really well, but when Suga came next and kissed the left side of the top of his head…

…and J-Hope decided to kiss the right side…

…V couldn’t handle his feels anymore, so he just covered his face while giggling.

Not wanting to be beaten, Jungkook approached V and tenderly kissed his cheek.

This led to V erupting in more giggles and feeling shy for being the center of “affection”.

Jimin took his time in caressing his hair before kissing the top of his head, too.

2. ARMYs wish they were V

Remember when Jimin kissed V on the cheeks, too? Maybe this is where Jungkook got his idea.

He was looking at them attentively all throughout the whole ordeal, after all.

3. Short, simple and sweet

RM didn’t even have a chance to react or do anything else when Jin immediately kissed his cheeks in one swift motion.

4. J-Hope and Jungkook, sitting on a tree…

J-Hope wasn’t in the mood for some smooching during this time, as you can see him shout while failing to kiss Jungkook.

RM and Suga were having too much fun watching them, though.

In the end, the two had to be “encouraged more” so they could finally kiss each other. J-Hope laughed after doing it, but in the end, it looked like his spirit left his body.

5. V knows how to return a favor

6. “Hey, Jimin, what’s up with your cap?”

You can see J-Hope making a face after kissing the top of Jimin’s head.

What was the cause of this? Did he see or smell something? Or was he whispering?

We will never know — what we do know is Jin’s confused reaction throughout the whole thing.

7. More than just a light smooch

8. Caught in camera

V just wanted to film himself and make cute faces on camera, but Jimin had another thing in mind.

9. Parental Guidance is advised

V and J-Hope were instructed to re-enact a scene in a particularly racy movie. At first, they were hesitant, but in the end, they decided to go with the flow and just get over it.

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