9 Things We Can Learn From BTS’s RM About Life

Much to learn from RM!

BTS‘s leader RM has always been a person many fans looked up to because of his talent, but also because of his outlook in life. He has constantly shared great advice to ARMYs that is applicable and can be of inspiration to anyone, fan of BTS or not.

ARMYs have always seen RM as an inspiration and as a source of strength. Here are 9 things anyone we can learn from him about life!

1. On being one with music

At BTS’s Rose Bowl concert, RM shared how they felt about ARMYs, and highlighted how everyone comes together as a community because of music. He mentioned that despite all the differences, ARMYs and BTS are one because of music.

Wherever you’re from, whatever you speak, however old you are, in this Rose Bowl, tonight we are one. We speak the same thing. We speak the same voice. We speak the same language. This is community, what we call community.

2. On loving and standing up for yourself

RM’s famous speech at the United Nations was a day when history was made. RM surely inspired everyone with his words and encouragement to love yourself and to speak yourself. He reminded fans that your mistakes don’t define you, and that you should learn to accept them as mistakes, and still continue loving yourself despite that because they make up your growth as an individual.

And maybe, I made a mistake yesterday, but yesterday’s me is still me. Today, I am who I am with all of my faults and my mistakes. Tomorrow, I might be a tiny bit wiser, and that will be me too. These faults and mistakes are what I am, making up the brightest constellations of my life.

3. On music breaking boundaries

BTS received an award at Variety’s award show, and RM inspired everyone with his acceptance speech. He thanked ARMYs and the people also involved in the music industry whom they met at the event, but the highlight of it all was his speech on music’s power to break boundaries.

One thing was very clear, and it’s even more clear thanks to you guys, and thanks to Variety, is that music has truly the power to overcome various kinds of barriers including languages, nationalities, and many boundaries.

4. On learning how to love yourself

At another concert ending ment, RM said that there is no standard equation to love yourself more, instead it’s a process that takes time and is something that only you can discover. He reminds everyone that only you can learn how to love yourself, but that just like he relies on ARMYs to help him, ARMYs should also rely and use BTS to help them love themselves more.

I didn’t know anything about how to love myself. You guys taught me through your love, through your tweets, through your letters, through your everything. Who can define their own method and way of loving myself? It’s our mission to find, to define our way to love ourselves. It’s never intended, but it feels like I’m using you guys to love myself. So, I’m going to say one thing, Please use me. Please use BTS to love yourself.

5. On making the wrong right

At the 35th Golden Disc Awards RM spoke about the recent sajaegi issue or the chart manipulation that occurred in 2019 that many idols have also spoken about. He ended the speech with a wish and hope that the wrongful acts that happened in the past year won’t carry over to the next.

And though we were able to say what we want to say, truthfully there are many artists in places we can’t see that aren’t able to do the same, but are working hard and are performing really diligently. My wish is that in the 2020’s, their diligence, hard work, and sincerity will be recognized the right way, and fairly by the people here, so their efforts won’t be in vain.

6. On being loved and accepted

On RM’s interview with fashion magazine, Dazed, he opened up about being accepted by society, hated on by others, and being thankful for those who love him.

I’ve had to accept that that everyone cannot love me. Because when there’s love there’s hate, when there’s light there’s dark. But it was really hard to accept as an artist that there’s a lot of people that hate me but, on the other side, there are many more people who love me. I think everyone goes through that.

7. On achieving happiness

When fans were touched when he reminded them that life will always be difficult, but you can still feel happy in the midst of the hardships.

Happiness isn’t something you have to achieve. You can feel happy while in the process of achieving something.

8. On what living in the future means

RM shared the Korean word for “future” and shared what it means. He shared that the life you’re currently living is the future because how you live now will affect the way your future will unfold.

In Korean, the word future is made up of two parts. The first part means “not,” and the second means “to come.” In that sense future means something that will not come. This is to say: the future is now. And our now is us living our future.

9. On achieving goals

He had something inspiring to say for those who are continuously in pursuit of their goals like BTS is at their acceptance speech for song of the year.

Small things aren’t necessarily bad, are they? Until the day the small things aren’t small anymore, we will work hard; running, singing, and dancing.