9 Times NCT Used Fans’ Inside Jokes To Create Some Of Their Most Iconic Content

NCT and NCTzens are always on the same wavelength.

NCT and their fans share a very special connection, and this is evident in the way NCT always pays attention to what the fans are talking about. So much so, that they have even incorporated some of the most hilarious inside jokes from the fandom and used it to make some of their most iconic content.

Here 9 times NCT went along with fans’ inside jokes to create hilarious videos and ongoing gags.


1. Mark Lee is Spiderman

This is one joke that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, especially since Mark keeps providing new ‘evidence‘ that he is secretly Spiderman. This story easily became the highlight of NCT 127‘s sitcom-style NCIT HOUSE, wherein Johnny and Jaehyun suspect Mark of being Spiderman.

| NCT 127/YouTube

2. Awkward Bros

NCT’s Awkward Bros started as a joke among fans and quickly became one of NCT’s most popular long-running shows. There were several episodes with some much-requested combinations of members during the 2020 Resonance comeback, and then again with NCT’s Universe comeback in 2021. Fans were excited to see Yuta and Xiaojun together after a video of their awkward interaction in 2020 went viral.

| NCT/YouTube

3. NCT DREAM’s Rooftop Fight

This came about after the members made multiple mentions over the years of their special plan for the day Jisung legally became an adult. The members had said that they thought it would be cool to dress up in suits on that day and go up to a rooftop and fight each other (preferably in the rain). Fans found this so hilarious that NCT’s management actually made it happen, resulting in some of NCT DREAM’s most iconic moments.


4. The DILF line

NCT may have started a tradition during the 2020 comeback with Haechan and Taeil‘s Welcome to Sun & Moon, a talk-show parody that interviewed famous fan-requested groupings of NCT members. The 2021 comeback also had a similar show (this time hosted by Jungwoo and Mark), and of the most requested groups on it was NCT’s ‘DILF’ line, which currently consists of Johnny, Kun, and Taeil.

| NCT/YouTube

 5. The Mark Awards

The ‘Mark Awards’ has its roots in the hilariously questionable awards that Mark gave to some of his members while filming behind-the-scenes of their 2020 promotions, awards such as the ‘Nude Of The Year’ award he granted Ten.


Fans couldn’t get enough of the ‘Mark Awards,’ so NCT made an official video in which Mark presented an award to each of his 22 members.

| NCT/YouTube

 6. The Foreign Swaggers

This particular grouping of members is as old as NCT itself. It first started with an iconic clip of pre-debut Mark, Johnny and Jaehyun promoting their show as rookies…

…and it continued with popular segments in the NCT YouTube channel such as A Cup Of Coffee and the ‘Foreign Swaggers’ episodes of Welcome to Sun & Moon and Mark and Jungwoo’s 2021 mini talk-show.

| NCT/YouTube

7. The NCT 127 Members of the 10th floor

NCT 127’s living arrangements have changed much over the years, but at the time they were known to be split up into two apartments in the same building—and the 10th floor apartment was notoriously messy. The members ended up filming a hilarious video in which they had a family meeting to organize a cleaning schedule and to give anonymous feedback on the things that bothered them. Needless to say, it was hilarious.


8. Chef Xiao

WayV‘s Xiaojun came to have his own mini series after his personal food tips became a classic joke among fans. It started first with his hilarious invention of the ‘Guangdong Taco’ and his iconic ‘Oreo Cake’ that he made at 4am during the NCT relay-cam event. Fans loved his ‘recipes’ so much that Xiaojun went on to recreate them in three episodes of The Lonely Master Chef XIAO.

| WayV/YouTube 

9. WayV Disney Princesses

While the idea for this originated with Winwin‘s wish to dress up as a woman (his birthday falls close to Halloween), fans deserve the credit for fueling this into becoming the legendary piece of NCT content that it is today.

| WayV/YouTube