Fans Point Out More Proof That NCT’s Mark Lee Is Secretly Spiderman

The saga continues!

Last year NCT 127 released a hilarious skit titled NCIT HOUSE, much of which was based on jokes and memes that already existed among fans. One of the plotlines of NCIT HOUSE centered around Johnny and Jaehyun‘s growing suspicion that Mark is Spiderman—and in a funny turn of events, Mark himself seems to have ‘proved’ it during a live stream earlier this week.

| @onyourm__ark/Instagram

In the sitcom-style show, which was reportedly improvised, Johnny is the first to become suspicious of Mark.

| NCT 127/YouTube

Then Jaehyun becomes convinced, and from there on the evidence that supposedly proves Mark’s secret identity becomes more and more comical…

…with Johnny and Jaehyun ‘confirming it’ in a number of funny ways.

Of course, Mark denies that he’s Spiderman to the end, though Johnny and Jaehyun remain convinced that he is. Since NCIT HOUSE came out, jokes about Mark being Spiderman have become even more common, which is why it was funny when Mark ended his recent Instagram live (in which he charmed everyone with covers of EXO and One Direction) and seemingly proved he was Spiderman once and for all…by sounding exactly like him.

Someone even put clips of Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker and Mark’s live next to each other, and we can’t deny that they sound eerily similar…

This is only the latest ‘evidence’ that Mark is Spiderman…

…but it’s definitely a particularly worthy addition.

| @onyourm__ark/Instagram

There does not seem to be an end in sight for the ‘Mark Lee Spiderman’ meme, which is a good thing not only because it’s hilarious, but also because it has blessed us with the most wholesome interaction between Mark and his biggest (and most adorable) fan, who melted everyone’s hearts on TikTok when he said, “I could meet Mark Lee Spiderman. I will tell him I’m Spiderman also.” Mark himself replied to this on his Instagram story, saying “Protect this boy at all costs…much love.”

The saga of ‘Mark Lee Spiderman’ continues!