NCT’s Mark Lee Covered EXO And One Direction With His Guitar — And Here Are 15+ Reactions That Prove Fans Are Not Okay

That’s boyfriend material right there.

NCT‘s Mark Lee went on Instagram live to hang out with fans—and when he sang covers of well-known songs with his guitar, fans were left feeling…not okay.

Mark showed off his amazing skills as a vocalist and guitar player, covering EXO, NCT DREAM, and some Western artists, including One Direction. He sang an amazing cover of “Little Things” and proved that he is an extremely underrated vocalist. Here are some of the best fan reactions that prove Mark had everyone absolutely shook after his Instagram live!


1. It’s happening

2. Mark gives you no choice but to stan

3. He did that

4. Facts

5. Best way to wind down

6. Mood

7. Going through it

8. The things he’s got people thinking about…

9. Need more of it!

10. Done with this

11. Thank you, Mark

12. He is that guy

13. The struggle

14. It’s confirmed!

15. Screaming?

16. King behavior