9 Times Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Showed Off His Abs In A Crop Top

#4 is a fan favorite.

While Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan is known for his sweet personality and musical skills, fans greatly appreciate his visuals, especially in his stage outfits.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

One of fans’ favorite clothing items to see Bang Chan wear is a crop top, as it shows off his hard-earned abs!

Here are 9 times Bang Chan showed off his abs in a crop top!

1. He made a “Thunderous” impression with this outfit.

2. We are counting this as a crop top.

3. MAMA 2021 was one for the books.

The stones on his face made his visuals even stronger in this outfit!

4. This white outfit stays on STAYs’ minds.

5. Adorable And Sexy!

6. 2022 was the year of Bang Chan in crop tops.

7. Quick, what color is his hair?

The answer is blue.

8. Just wow.

9. The waist chain really adds to this look.

Stray Kids