9 Times Stray Kids’ Changbin Held The Title For Clumsiest Member

The king of clumsy has done more than drop a cake.

Stray Kids is full of clumsy guys. Out of all of them, Changbin just may be the clumsiest. Here are nine times he deserved the crown for being the king of clumsy.


1. Dropping His Birthday Cake

The most memorable moment that all STAYs recognize is Changbin accidentally dropping his birthday cake at their fan signing. If this isn’t him in a nutshell, nothing is.

2. “Oh, you made a mess!”

While in his sleepy state, he accidentally knocked over his poor lemonade, splashing it on himself, the floor, and the member next to him. Bang Chan teasingly pointed out what a mess he’d made, “Oh, no. Lemonade!”

3. Head-Car Collision

It was like any other typical day of Stray Kids leaving the airport until he got to their car. When trying to get inside, Changbin hit his head on the hood, then ducked it out of harm’s way.

4. Tripping Into His Grand Entrance

For his grand entrance to one of their fan signings, he tripped over a bag, most likely containing filming equipment. He quickly brushed it off and focused on preventing it from happening to anyone else by moving it to the side.

5. Almost Crowdsurfing

While standing on the edge of the stage, he lost his balance for a moment and was close to taking a stage dive. Fortunately, he regained his balance just as quickly. Changbin in one piece is the Changbin STAYs love.

6. Putting A Stop To Their Entire Game

Stray Kids were more than ready to beat their timed mission. With clumsy Changbin, that wasn’t an option. As soon as his turn came, he not only knocked over the mission cards but the timer as well. Their angry faces make it even funnier to watch.

7. Breaking Everything

For another mission, all Changbin had to do was flip the huge notepad. When he did so, his clumsiness knocked it sideways. Even when he tried to fix it, it didn’t go his way. It all fell apart in his hands.

8. Tripping Over His Own Bag

As they snapped photos on their way to or from a music show filming, Stray Kids had to take a step back. That’s when Changbin tripped over his own bag, Hyunjin instantly moving to catch him. He just can’t win when it comes to tripping over things.

9. “Miroh”, “Miroh” On The Wall, Who’s The Clumiest Of Them All?

During a special dance version of their title track “Miroh”, Hyunjin totally fooled Changbin by first leaning their backs on one another’s and then sprinting away. Changbin caught himself from the sudden lack of support but ended up falling anyway.


No one can beat Changbin when it comes to being clumsy. For more, check out these hilarious video clips of Changbin’s peak clumsiness here.

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