9 Times TWICE Forgot To Tell Nayeon The Dress Code

You can’t miss her in #2!

TWICE‘s Nayeon has her own unique style and sometimes this causes her to stand out from her members. Here are 9 hilarious times she didn’t get the “dress to match the rest” memo!

1. She missed the shoe memo

Everyone wore black, leather heels…but not Nayeon. She opted for some comfy checkered Vans!

2. Something was missing in “Don’t Cry For Me”

The girls must have thought “let’s all wear pants and not tell Nayeon!” Her kneepads were especially noticeable.

3. Who needs high socks?

Nayeon ditched the cute look and opted for a sexier appearance by skipping the knee-high socks with her Mary Janes.

4. When you’re the only fan

All of the girls wore New York Yankees caps for this baseball photoshoot — except for Nayeon who rocked a Los Angeles Dodgers hat!

5. When you just can’t be bothered to wear heels

Despite everyone else choosing to glam it up in some heels, Nayeon was just not feeling it for TWICE’s fifth-anniversary broadcast. Instead, she kept it casual in some sneakers and jeans!

6. The center stands out

She was the only member to wear a vibrant, red top at KCON 2016 Japan’s red carpet event. She took the center spot as the focal point.

7. An angel has arrived

She was the only member to wear white while the rest of the members wore primarily dark clothes during the DICON photoshoot.

8. BONUS: Posing trouble

“Let’s all put our hands on our hearts and not tell Nayeon!”

9. BONUS: Posing trouble part 2

Seriously, someone tell her the plan (It’s okay, because flower Nayeon is totally adorable)!


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