9 Toxic And Unacceptable Characteristics Of Sasaeng Fans

True fans and idols are not happy.

Sasaeng fans are fans of groups or usually idols, who are known to be stalkers. That in itself is already alarming, but there are more ways than just being a stalker to classify someone as a sasaeng fan.

Here are 9 toxic and unacceptable characteristics of sasaeng fans.

1. They are possessive

They get disappointed when things get in their way when it comes to being with their idols, or when their idols don’t use the gifts they give them. Furthermore, some of them tend to have fantasies that their idols like them and enjoy their company. They also stop being fans when their idols get into romantic relationships.

2. They don’t know what space is

They usually don’t understand what it means to give idols their space, and bombard them as close as they can just so they can take photos of the idols.

3. They cause accidents that harm idols

They do whatever it takes to be with their idols to the point where they sometimes hurt other their idols or other idols in the process.

4. They call idols at their personal phone number

To get their idol’s attention, they call them up on their personal phones despite bringing them discomfort and invading their privacy.

5. They purchase idols’ flight details

Ever wonder how some fans manage to immediately post photos of idols right after they land? They purchase the idols’ flight details such as what time the flight is, what airport their landing on, and sometimes even their flight seats just so they could sit beside them!

6. They rent cars to follow idols where they go

They stalk their idols and rent vehicles that can follow their idols’ cars, see where they’re going and observe their activities.

7. They hang out outside the idols’ dorms

8. They disobey airport rules

Airport rules exist for a reason, but sasaengs disregard them because what’s more important for them is to be as close as they can to their idols even if it means not following them!

9. They try to get as near as they can to idols

Sasaengs try their best to get as close as they can to idols even if it means being creepy! They do whatever they can with the information they buy and take advantage of it to be as close as they can to their idols.

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