9 Unedited Moments Of aespa’s Karina At The “2022 KBS K-Pop Festival” Showing What She Actually Looks Like IRL

#8 is actually breathtaking.

At the end of each year, each of the major networks that host a weekly music show has a special end-of-year show. This year’s KBS Song Festival (also known as KBS Gayo Daechukje) had a fantastic line-up that included some of the hottest K-Pop groups.


Aespa’s Karina was one idol that mesmerized fans with her beauty throughout the entire night. Here are x unedited moments showing how stunning she actually is in real life!

1. The whole group looked gorgeous on the red carpet.

2. Her beauty mark was the star of the show here.

3. Too many visuals in one frame!

While aespa are the focus of this video, one can’t ignore all the other visuals in the frame!

4. She is the picture of elegance.

5. Her stage presence is unmatched!

Aespa performed “Girls” with a special intro where all the girls showed their talent!

6. This Eye Contact

7. Thank you to whoever put the blush on her face!

8. Her visuals during this performance were too much!

Karina actually trended on Chinese platform Weibo for her beauty!

9. Her smile is everything.

Fans love to see Karina happy!


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