9 Of The Most WTF Things People Have Witnessed At K-Pop Concerts

The most shocking events that ever took place in K-Pop.

1. SEVENTEEN’s 2016 Concert in Sydney

During a concert in Sydney, the SEVENTEEN members were showing their individual talents doing various missions.

On DINO’s turn, his mission was supposed to be “Sexy, Aegyo, and Tough facial expressions” but instead, it said “Sex, Aegyo, and Tough facial expressions”. What’s the issue?  DINO was a minor!  Understandable, but an embarrassing mistake indeed.


2. A fan cutting another fan’s hair at Produce 101 Concert

During the Produce 101 Season 2 concert, a fan was distracted by another fan’s ponytail, which was blocking her view of WANNA ONE. To fix this, she literally took out a pair of scissors to cut it off!


3. INFINITE Sungjong and Sungyeol covering “Trouble Maker”

Fans do appreciate the collaboration stages at concerts. During their solo concert, INFINITE’s Sungyeol dressed up as HyunA for a sexy performance of Troublemaker’s “Trouble Maker” with Sungjong – and they totally killed it!


4. SEEYA’s backup dancer had a full-blown seizure on stage

During SEEYA’s performance in 2006, the visual effect used during the stage caused one of the backup dancers to have a photosensitive epilepsy during a live broadcast of SBS’s Inkigayo. The incident took everyone by surprise, but they kept performing for a full minute before staff rushed the stage.


5. INFINITE’s Dongwoo getting his leg pulled by a fan

During a  performance of their song “Nothing’s Over”, Dongwoo was almost pulled off of the stage by a crazy fan who grabbed his leg. Thankfully, he got his composure back and did not suffer any injuries.


6. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon almost being pulled off of the stage

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon had a fan actually come up on the stage, take her hand, and tried to take off with her. Thankfully, he was stopped by the staff.


7. G-Dragon fell off of the stage

A stage malfunction caused the middle of the stage to collapse during a performance, causing G-Dragon to fall in when he had his back turned against it. Thankfully, he was not harmed.


8. EXO Fans throwing underwear on stage

During a concert in New York, one fan thought it was a good idea to throw her bra at Baekhyun. The EXO members laughed it off, but it made some fans angry.


9. Muslim fans in Malaysia got in trouble for hugging B1A4

While B1A4 was holding a fan meeting event in Malaysia, they invited some fans to the stage and acted out a short skit they prepared for the fans. After the skit, the members hugged the fangirls and one of them even received a kiss on the forehead!

Although most fans would be elated, the incident caused an uproar from the media and Muslim community, as Muslim customs forbid physical contact with the opposite sex. After the backlash from the Malaysian media and many fans, the organizer made a public apology to both fans and the artist.