What Is The Perfect 90 Degrees Shoulders That Koreans Covet The Most And Here Are The Idols That Have It

Do you have them?

Is it your first time hearing about the 90 degrees shoulders? Wondering what that is? Well, we’re here to help! Koreans call the 90 degrees shoulders “jik-kak” shoulders. This means that the shoulder is a perfect L-shaped right angle, rather than sloping down like most shoulders do.

According to Koreans, most off-the-shoulder or sleeveless clothing look the best on people with such shoulders. Take a look at the comparison below. While the column on the left showcases “regular shoulders”, the right is of celebrities with the desired 90 degrees shoulders.

Here are some of the idols that famously have such shoulders.

1. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung may be muscular now but her original body frame was slender and angular. During her early debut days especially, her shoulders were the talk of town!

2. ITZY’s Lia

Lia’s slim frame is made even more noticeable because her shoulders don’t gain weight in them. This makes them the perfect right angle.

3. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jennie’s famous for it of course! The beauty has the most perfect shoulder line.

4. ITZY’s Yuna

The latest contender to the list, fans began noticing her gorgeous shoulders recently as she began to sport more sleeveless looks.

They make her look great in cardigans as well.

Do you have these 90 degrees shoulders?