10+ Times AB6IX’s Woojin Exposed His Abs And Left Everyone Thirsty AF

#5 was legendary.

AB6IX‘s Woojin has been bursting with masculine vibes ever since his days as a trainee on Produce 101 and even during his time as part of Wanna One. Here are 10+ times to date he left fans completely shook by exposing his hard body.

1. Woojin “hulking it” is totally hot.

2. His stage presence is godly.

3. He definitely “burned it up” with Wanna One.


4. That hand represents all of Woojin’s fans.

5. Don’t let his puppy dog eyes fool you.

6. Everybody remembers his first ab reveal.


7. He’s a work of art. 💦

8. Park Woojin, destroyer of fangirls’ hearts.

9. A sneak-peak is all it takes.

10. Someone control this man, please. (Or don’t.)


11. Just checking to make sure they’re still there— yep, we’re good.

12. His existence is a blessing.

Wanna One