10+ Times AB6IX’s Woojin Rocked The Casual “Boyfriend Material” Fashion Style

Outfit #7 will do things to your heart.

AB6IX’s Woojin has the perfect style: Sporty, comfy, and just plain boyfriend material at it’s finest! Take a look at these 10+ casual outfits he wore that will make you fall for him even more.

1. He’s still adorable…even in a cast!

2. He’s made fangirls swoon over him since 1999.

3. He owns this cuddly and comfy look.

4. Can he get any more handsome?!

5. He rocks this button-up look.

6. All-black is definitely his go-to outfit.

7. There’s something so sexy about his tucked-in shirt.

8. He’s the king of casual airport fashion.

9. Even his hoodie and backpack are designer.

10. Yep, this sweatshirt is definitely made of “boyfriend material!”

11. Ripped jeans and a white shirt looks amazing on him.

12. He keeps it simple but looks anything but basic.

13. His build is perfect for a crisp button-up shirt.

14. He can even rock pastel colors!

15. What a man!

16. From head to toe, he’s fashionable.

17. Leather jackets are totally his style.

18. Woojin dresses like such a dream boyfriend.