According To BTS’s RM, He’d Be Incredibly Lonely If He Didn’t Have These 10 Important Things In His Life

If these things aren’t in his life, RM would be incredibly lonely.

It’s totally adorable that even though BTS has an estimated net worth of over $60 million…

…and the group is definitely included in one of the richest celebrities in the Korean entertainment scene today…

…their leader RM still believes that he needs these ten “small” but incredibly important things to make him feel happy in his life.

Check them out below and find out which ones you already know about him, considering his likable personality!

1. Watching the sky from the grass hill of Han River

According to RM, he has a specific bridge or hill that he often goes to — either alone or with friends, and he likes laying down on this grass hill while looking at the clouds.

2. Drinking a can of beer after taking a hot shower

RM really likes doing this because the coldness of the beer and the hotness of the shower achieve a proper “harmony” that creates good synergy in his body.

3. Enjoying oolong tea, rooibos tea or an occasional americano on an empty stomach

RM admits that he doesn’t really have a lot of knowledge on teas, but he likes drinking them sometimes, when he’s in the mood to do so.

He likes tea because it’s refreshing for him, too.

4. When he perfectly puts on his contact lenses on his first try

For RM, whenever this happens, it usually signals that the rest of the day will go smoothly for him.

5. Going to Seoul Forest or Seongsu-dong in the mid-day when no one is around

He often goes to these places to watch deer or walk on the bridge, so whenever he goes here and there are no people, he feels happy.

6. When buying clothes, imagining his clothes inventory at home…

…and once he’s bought clothes and he’s seen that they match, it’s the happiest moment for RM.

7. Getting a day off when the weather is unbelievably good

For him, it would be better if it rained the next day, because he’d think it was better since he was able tor rest on their day off.

8. When the melody he imagined and the composition he made perfectly match up

Since he considers this as part of his job, nothing makes him happier when he perfectly achieves the melody he envisioned in his mind.

9. When a delivery arrives earlier than expected

To emphasize how much he likes it, RM jokingly said that he considers the delivery person as his “eternal love”.

10. When he feels loved

How’s this for adorable — RM feels happy whenever he’s loved by his parents, friends, ARMYs and people he loves, too!

For him, this amazing feeling of being loved is a huge source of strength, so continue showering BTS with lots of love, right?

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