Here’s What BTS’s V Did To Jungkook After Accidentally Spilling Juice Over Him, Instead Of Apologizing

Jungkook stared at him with a straight face, but he wasn’t fazed at all.

It’s undeniable that the friendship and bond between BTS‘s and Jungkook is strong.

After all, the two are fairly close in age, making them a part of the maknae line.

And they have both expressed their love and gratitude to each other, with Jungkook thanking V for being the first person he became close to when he joined BTS…

…and to V saying how much he admires Jungkook because of his innate talent and desire to do beyond what’s expected of him.

Their closeness isn’t just emotionally, though. They also like expressing their close friendship through skinship such as hugging each other…

…and cuddling with each other when they’re sleeping.

The friendship between the two members is definitely strong, so whenever something accidentally happens between them, they figured that a playful joke is better than an apology — so this is what V happened when he accidentally spilled juice all over his close friend.

Jungkook looked at V with a straight face and even “glared” at him, which is funny because you can see that he really had a hard time stopping himself from laughing.

Instead of apologizing, V met his eyes and started to tell him a lesson about life.

Jungkook, there are many instances like this in life…

– V

Jungkook kept silent and continued to stare at V as he continued his “advice” that “this is what life is all about”. In the end, you can see Jungkook slowly smiling as V kept on wiping the juice he spilled.

It’s so adorable whenever these two friends interact with each other because you can really see their cuteness firsthand — so why stop there? Check out the next article below and find out exactly what V’s honest opinion of Jungkook is.

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